Is Liposuction Safe?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is performed to get rid of the extra fat from the body of an individual. This cosmetic procedure is also known by a number of other names including lipo, body contouring, and lipoplasty.

It is a rather popular cosmetic procedure that thousands of women decide to pursue every single year.

There are many possible reasons why a woman might decide to get liposuction done including to improve the contours of the body, to enhance the shape of the body, and to remove extra fat from various parts of the body like buttocks, hips, thighs, arms, neck, abdomen, and back.

This surgery is often chosen by women who have tried everything from dieting to exercises but still can’t get rid of their extra body fat.

While liposuction is generally considered to be a safe procedure, it is still important for an individual to not treat it as a method of weight loss. There are still some possible complications and risks that are associated with this procedure.

What Can I Expect During Liposuction?

During liposuction, anesthesia will be administered to the patient. This is done so that the patient won’t feel any pain during the procedure.

However, this does not mean that the patient might still not feel some amount of pain while recovering from the surgical procedure.

The total time for recovery can depend on the area of the body where liposuction was performed. Most liposuctions are performed as a type of outpatient surgery.

And it is also common for an individual to experience some bruising, swelling, soreness, numbness, or even pain after getting liposuction done.

Thankfully, there are some tips that one can follow to minimize pain before getting the procedure. Those tips are mentioned below.

  • Have an in-depth conversation with the doctor if you have any concerns related to experiencing any possible pain
  • Discuss the type of anesthesia that the doctor has chosen to administer
  • Ask the doctor regarding any medication that you might have to take before getting the procedure done

There are also some tips that can be followed to minimize pain after getting liposuction. And those tips are mentioned below.

  • Religiously take all medications that have been prescribed by the doctor including pain medications
  • Do not forget to wear the compression garment that was recommended by the doctor
  • According to the recommendations of the doctor, keep the drains in place
  • Try to relax and rest as much as possible
  • Consume a lot of fluids
  • Try to avoid the consumption of salt as it can increase swelling, also known as edema

Is Liposuction the Right Solution for Me?

Just like any other cosmetic surgery, there are people who can be considered good candidates for liposuction while others might wish to avoid getting this cosmetic surgery.

Hence, it is always recommended that if an individual wishes to get liposuction done, then the first step should be to always talk with a medical professional. Discuss any concerns that you might have regarding the procedure with your doctor.

That being said, there are some characteristics that make an individual a good candidate for liposuction. And some of those characteristics are mentioned below.

  • The patient must not have a lot of extra skin
  • The skin should have good elasticity
  • The patient must have good muscle tone
  • The patient has first tried to get rid of the extra fat through diet and exercises but that method hasn’t worked
  • The patient is in good overall health or in good physical shape
  • The patient must not be obese or overweight
  • The patient must not smoke

An individual should avoid getting liposuction if he or she has the following characteristics.

  • The individual engages in smoking
  • One is suffering from chronic health problems
  • The individual has a weak immune system
  • The person is overweight
  • The individual has saggy skin
  • There is a medical history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, seizures, or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • The individual often takes medications that increase risk during surgery like blood thinners

What Can Be the Long-Term Side Effects of Liposuction?

As has been mentioned above, liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure. Because of this, there can be some potential risks and complications that an individual can experience.

Hence, it is always vital to discuss the chances of all these risks and complications before getting the procedure with an experienced and qualified doctor. Some risks that one can experience during the surgery are mentioned below.

  • Complications due to anesthesia
  • Shock
  • Injuries to organs or puncture wounds
  • Burns caused due to equipment like ultrasound probes
  • Nerve damage
  • Death

There are some risks that one can experience right after getting the surgery, like:

  • Fat clots
  • Blood clots
  • Presence of excess fluids in the lungs
  • Infections
  • Swelling or edema
  • Kidney and heart problems
  • Hematoma or bleeding under the skin
  • Seroma or fluid leaking under the skin
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia or other medications
  • Skin necrosis or death of skin cells
  • Death

During recovery, there are some risks that the patient can experience. Those risks are mentioned below.

  • Scars
  • Problems with healing
  • Infections
  • Fluid imbalance
  • Change in skin sensation
  • Problems with contours or shape of the body

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