Planning Your FUE Hair Transplant Surgery? Here! What You Need to Consider

Follicular Unit Extraction is also known as FUE hair transplant is one of the latest advancements in medical technology because of which it is now possible to grow hair on the bald scalp. In this procedure, the follicular units from the donor area are extracted and placed in the recipient area. FUE hair transplant results in imitating the natural growth of fair. After FUE treatment one can keep his hair short or shaved as it leaves a minimal scar of the surgical procedure. 

Here is a “to-do list” to be followed before FUE hair transplant. 

  • Systemic Condition – In case if you have any systemic disease then it is necessary to consult the physician before surgery.
  • Systemic Medications – After consulting the physician, avoid blood thinner medicines because they increase the chances of bleeding during surgery.  Few common medicines that must be avoided are as follows
  • Antiplatelet medications include aspirin, Plavix and Pradaxa
  • Anti-inflammatory medications include ibuprofen or Advil and naproxen
  • Anticoagulation medications include warfarin and Xarelto which is the latest anticoagulant
  • Even Fish oil, vitamin e, omega 3, St Johns wart, gingko are medications which also have an anticoagulation effect and must be avoided before FUE treatment.
  • Inform – It is important to inform about systemic conditions and medication before the surgery. Also, if there is any new medical condition after the first visit to your hair transplant doctor. To avoid any kind of alteration during the restoration process this information would be vital. In case of any doubts or query regarding the medicines call the inquire office they will help.
  • Documentation and consent – Few necessary medical documents and surgical procedure consent forms will be sent to you via email. You need to read, sign and then send it back to us via email.
  • Avoid alcohol-consuming alcohol along with medicates can lead to adverse conditions. So, in order to avoid such critical, it is advised to not to consume alcohol.
  • Avoid smoking – it is advised to stop smoking three days prior to the surgery and five days after the surgery because smoking causes constriction of blood vessels due to which the blood supply to the scalp will reduce.
  • Trimming and shaving techniques for FUE hair transplant
  • A transplant from scalp to the scalp – When FUE hair transplant is from scalp to scalp then there are various methods to trim or shave the hair. Trimming of hair from the donor area 1mm on the day of surgery is one of the easiest methods as it allows easy removal and placement of the graft. In some cases, only the donor area can be trimmed instead of the entire scalp. In patients with long hair, layer shaving I also possible. In this, the shaved area can be covered with long hair.
  • A transplant from beard to the scalp – two days prior to the FUE treatment, beard in the upper neck area is shaved with a razor. So that on the day of surgery it becomes easy to differentiate between the hair that is in the anagen stage and in the resting telogen stage. The hair that is in the anagen will be harvest instead of the hair in the resting stage.
  • A transplant from the body to the scalp – The procedure is like the transplant from the beard to the scalp, where the donor area is shaved two days prior.
  • A transplant from scalp to eyebrow – In this process, trimming is done at the time of surgery.
  • Celebrity FUE – patient with long hair can opt for this surgery because the hair is trimmed on by one during the time of surgery and the scars on the scalp are unnoticed.

Does and Don’t on the day of surgery

  • Wear comfortable cloths. Do not wear clothes that need to be pulled overhead, as it may displace the graft
  • Wash your hair thoroughly. Do not apply hair spray or gel
  • Water or apple juice can be consumed. Do not eat after midnight or consume caffeine as they may negate the sedative effect.
  • Accompany a family member or friend. Do not travel back home alone, as you will be under sedation.

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