Popular Options for Male Body Contouring in India

Whether you are a man or a woman, it is a universal fact that nobody can escape the effects of time. This is why it is rather obvious that there will come a time when your body would change. Some of those changes include the stretching of the body, the skin losing its elasticity, the skin descending, and the loosening of the skin and tissues of the face. All these changes profoundly affect the contouring of the face and the body. Sadly, these effects become more prominent in men as they age. Most of these changes show up in the areas of the chest, abdomen, and the juncture between the neck and the jaw. Because of all this, it seems rather reasonable that men would want to reverse these effects. And what better way to achieve that then to opt for safe and efficient cosmetic male body contouring surgery options?

We at ALCS Clinic understand this requirement. This is why we have made it our aim to provide all our patients with the best and safest cosmetic procedures. These cosmetic procedures are primarily aimed at bringing the expectations and desired outcomes of our patients into the real-world setting. When it comes to reducing fat and tightening extra skin then, there are both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures that act as better and safer options. There are also many medical experts who believe in using a combination of both these surgical and nonsurgical options to treat the face and body contouring issues that men face all across the globe. On top of this, modern male body contouring techniques further only require a less amount of downtime to recover. This is what makes these procedures ideal for men who are always on the go and do not have a lot of time to spare.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Male Body Contouring Procedure

If an individual wants to get a male body contouring surgery done then there are many things that one needs to consider. The first thing that the individual would have to ensure is that he or she should be in contact with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. It is suggested that one should make sure that the cosmetic surgeon is able to understand the condition and the results that the individual wishes to achieve before getting any type of surgery done. The cosmetic surgeon should also have a good amount of experience and should also possess the required skills to deliver efficient body contouring results.

After that, the individual would have to choose between opting for a surgical body contouring procedure or a nonsurgical body contouring procedure. Depending on the exact requirement and the results that one desires to achieve, the medical expert would suggest one of these options. If the medical expert suggests opting for a surgical procedure then one would also have to choose between the different types of anesthetic procedures. Further, there are many other considerations and decisions that one would have to make as the process of getting a body contouring surgery proceeds. One should also learn about the male body sculpting surgery cost.

The Nonsurgical Options Available for Tightening the Abdomen of Men

According to various reports and surveys, the abdomen is one of the primary concerns of men when it comes to their bodies. There are also many men who wish to achieve a flat and taut abdomen that comes with a set of visible abdomen muscles. This type of shape of the abdomen is also known as a ‘six-pack’. Sadly, as men become older they eventually develop a gut irrespective of the fact that they might exercise harder and for a longer period of time. The constantly changing diet and eating habits can also affect the ability of a man to achieve those highly sought six-pack abs. Thankfully, the extra fat that is located on the outside of the abdominal wall can be treated. There are also surgical and nonsurgical methods for treating that fat. And the nonsurgical options are mentioned below.

  • SculpSure
  • CoolSculpting

In both of these procedures, the medical expert proceeds to destroy the fat cells present outside the abdominal wall with the help of heat or cold. After these cells are destroyed, the human body works to eliminate those cells through the metabolic and lymphatic systems. Both of these procedures are incredibly effective, fast, and versatile. Though, to get the desired results one would have to opt for multiple treatment schedules. These treatment schedules are usually separated 6-8 weeks apart. This helps in getting the best possible results. These treatment procedures can help in reducing the targeted amount of fat by about 20%!

The Surgical Options Available for Tightening the Abdomen of Men

When it comes to surgical options available for tightening the abdomen of men then liposuction is often considered to be the gold standard. Liposuction is also one of the first treatment methods that one can come across if he or she searches for ‘body contouring men’ on the local search engine. This surgical procedure is more aggressive but is also more efficient. With the help of this procedure, the medical expert can even re-sculpt the entire body.

To further increase the efficiency of this procedure, there are many medical experts who also believe in taking advantage of laser technology. In the correct patient, this procedure can even reveal the hidden six-pack abs. The recovery time can also vary but it usually lasts for around 6 weeks. However, it is also recommended that one should wear a compression garment to aid in getting better contouring and skin tightening results.

Get a Flatter Chest With the Help of Gynecomastia

Men are also often worried about their chests. And sadly, some men have some sort of fullness in their chests. This fullness is mainly caused due to the presence of an extra amount of glandular tissues, fat, or even a combination of both fat and tissues. This condition is known as gynecomastia. And correcting this medical condition also falls under the category of body contouring. According to experts, this procedure for body contouring men can be difficult. But the gynecomastia surgical cosmetic procedure can help a man in getting the best results. There are various procedures that can be followed to perform gynecomastia surgery.

The selection of the exact procedure would primarily depend on the exact cause of this medical condition. For example, if a man is suffering from gynecomastia due to the presence of too much fat then a liposuction treatment is often the best choice. Reducing the extra fat and sculpting can also trim the chest area and provide a more masculine look. This surgical procedure can be done under the presence of a local anesthetic with a limited amount of recovery and downtime.

On the other hand, if gynecomastia is caused due to the presence of an extra amount of glandular tissues and fat at the same time then, the extra glandular tissues have to be surgically removed. This would allow the individual to have a smooth and flat chest that he might have always desired. There are also various options for the placements of incisions in this case. The amount of breast tissues that one wants to get rid of would determine the placements of the incisions.

It is rather obvious that one might also be plagued with the idea of scars in this case. This is why it is suggested that one should only opt for the services of an experienced cosmetic surgeon. This is mainly due to the fact that experienced cosmetic surgeons know just where they need to make the incisions so that the scars are as hidden as possible. In cases where men also have an extra amount of loose skin in tow with extra muscle glands and skins then, it is also important for the medical expert to remove and adjust the skin of the chest area as well.

Getting that Crisp Jaw Line that You Have Always Dreamed About!

Every man wants to have a crisp jawline as it provides them with a youthful appearance. There are many men who are not even born with that kind of jawline and some men who lose this gorgeous jawline with age. This is because of the fact that the area under the chin is one of the major spots for men to accumulate extra fat. This extra amount of fat can make one look overweight and dumpy even when one is not. Thankfully, with the help of CoolSculpting and SculpSure men can get rid of this extra fat in a noninvasive and nonsurgical method. There is another effective method that is known as Kybella. In this method, some substance is injected under the skin. This method targets the fat present under the chin.

If a man has a lot of extra fat present then liposuction is often the right way to go. If the skin elasticity of a man is still good and working optimally then these procedures can be provided without any additional procedures. However, if a man suffers from a lack of skin elasticity then he or she would also require a skin tightening procedure like ThermiRF along with these body contouring procedures. During the method of ThermiRF, the medical expert uses radiofrequency energy to heat up a tissue to form a controlled injury. This causes the body to produce more elastin and collagen. This results in an individual achieving tighter, smoother, and youthful-looking skin. Hence, if you are a man who wishes to make all his dreams come true and achieve a new level of confidence then you should contact the best cosmetic surgeons at ALCS Clinic now!

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