PRP treatment for hair loss and how long does it last?

PRP results might not be the same for everyone

As PRP therapy uses a serum extracted from your blood, the dependence of the results majorly rests on your own body’s healing abilities. The longevity of the effects is all on the response of your scalp and follicles. So, how long does the treatment last? Your blood is the chief factor in determining how long PRP serves the purpose.

Even before knowing about PRP, one must understand that the cause of every patient’s hair loss condition is unique. A patient’s hair loss cause may differ from the second patient’s. Here are some causes that are important to consider in the present times.

Genetic propensity as dictated by DNA or androgenetic alopecia

Certain medications’ side effects or allergic reactions to chemicals being used. Poor nutrition, environment, and over-styling can expose one’s hair to toxic chemicals in the air, hair care products, and food. This way, even young people are experiencing hair loss. While some may turn bald by 22, some can still expect to have their hair for around 20-30 years more.

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How effective is PRP as a solution?

The studies of authoritative sources like the National Center for Biotechnology Information have summed its worldwide studies in the following way.

Case Study 1

With studies conducted on 20 people with half their scalps being PRP treated and half with placebo, patients were given 3 injections at a 30-day interval with a booster at 6 months. Over 24 months, Doctors tracked the patients’ progress regularly during checkups. The factors under consideration are:

  • Hair regrowth
  • K67 cells for new cell growth
  • Hair dystrophy a possibility in which the hair shaft can be more fragile
  • Adverse reactions’ possibility like itching or burning sensations

PRP treatment results noted were:

At the time of the treatment’s commencements, the patients had 67.5 hairs per square centimetre with 120.1 hairs per square centimetre density. After 3 months, 128.5 hairs per square centimetre were visible, with 228.6 hairs per square centimetre for density.

  • The scalp’s epidermis seemed to thicken with more keratinocytes and hair follicle cells.
  • Small blood vessels were observed developing in the scalp
  • The patients experienced no side effects
  • After 12 months, 4 patients showed relapse and experienced hair loss. They received PRP serum booster shots.

Case Study 2

Eleven patients aged 20-40 years and experiencing different hair loss levels were signed up. They received 4 PRP therapy sessions at 2 week-long intervals. After regular checkups, the final evaluation was conducted 3 months after the first session. Here are the observations:

  • Before the treatment, the hair pull test yielded an average of 10 strands. Post-treatment, the count fell to 3.
  • Scalp pictures clicked before and after the therapy, showing better scalp coverage.
  • On a 1-10 scale, patients rated their satisfaction at 7.
  • After marking a specific scalp area with 71 follicles before treatment, the change observed was growth to the point of 93.09 follicles.

Now how long does PRP last for hair loss? One should expect at least 12 months of positive PRP treatment results. After it, if required, the dermatologist may recommend one more session attendance.

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How long does PRP last during hair loss?

One can expect positive results for at least 12 months or more. The body’s healing capabilities determine the outcomes. Taking good care of the body can help enhance the presence and extend the time of the treatment’s effects. Following the trichologist’s directions can also lead to similar results. Case studies display clear evidence of how PRP works. So it is good to consider the therapy if the aim is to gain the lost self-esteem and confidence.

Now that we know how long PRP lasts for hair loss, it is time for you to think and consider whether the therapy is for you or not. At ALCS, you can get the ideal PRP treatment results for yourself. As we know, the answer to “Is PRP hair treatment a permanent solution?” Your next step should be reaching out to Dr Sunil Arora and the people at ALCS. There is no better way to regain shining hair and confidence than with the help of a therapy practised with expertise.

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