Reasons For Undergoing A Hair Transplant

Deciding to undergo a hair transplant procedure is crucial. Some desire to experience this procedure as it is, a popular method while some to restore hair.

People tend to choose this surgical procedure because the success rate is quite high than any other treatment procedure and useful for both men and women.

A hair transplant is a surgical hair restoration method that involves harvesting the hair follicles from one part of the body or scalp (donor area) and then implanting it to the balding or hair-thinning area (recipient area).

What stimulates the desire to experience hair transplant?

There are different reasons that people might choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Following mentioned are some common causes-

  1. Eliminate natural baldness- Since baldness or sudden hair loss can have a significant impact on people’s lives so they may choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure.
  2. Enhance the body hair content- Hair transplant is not only beneficial for those who possess receding hairline. But it also works for people who are not content with their hair volume.
  3. Replace damaged hair- Some accidents and incidents may it be small or big create unavoidable scars. It is only a hair transplant procedure that can help to resolve such injuries.
  4. For cosmetic purposes– In this era, cosmetic surgery plays a vital role in our life where people choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure to increase hair volume in the lashes, eyebrows, or even for the beard.

How thriving is hair transplant surgery?

Now, this is one of the most common questions that may cross your mind before undergoing a hair transplant procedure. However, the next paragraph will resolve all your queries regarding the success rate of baldness.

According to some research reports, about 80 percent of the total transplanted hair grows back within a short period. But the final result will only be visible after 8 to 12 months after undergoing this surgery.

The most common types of hair transplant

There are different hair transplant methods available, and only an experienced hair surgeon can suggest the best treatment for you.

Some of the most popular and advanced hair transplant techniques include FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant.

The FUE is such a hair restoration procedure where the follicular units are extracted and transplanted to other parts of the scalp. Such methods may include downtime of 1 to 8 days.

  • FUE success rate – The FUE success rate is pivoted on numerous factors. Take, for instance, if anyone loses hair due to chemotherapy or due to some severe injury to the scalp, then the success rate of FUE becomes slightly lower. Otherwise, the FUE hair transplant is a very successful technique that can yield the most natural outcome.
  • FUT success rate- Here, individual hair follicles are transferred to the recipient area. The hair follicles are segregated from a linear skin strip that is extracted from the donor area. However, FUT has a higher success rate but is a relatively complicated and refined procedure.

How is hair transplant different from grafting?

Even though hair transplant and grafting are closely related, as both involve the removal of hair from the donor site to a recipient, but the fundamental difference between the two is that hair transplant involves removal of hair follicles alone.

In contradiction, hair grafting requires the removal of clustered hair follicles.

Pre and post-op instructions

As with any medical procedures, it is essential to follow pre- and post-operative instructions as that guarantees the best outcome. Most of the hair surgeons prescribe the following-

Before undergoing a hair restoration procedure, patients are advised to avoid alcohol consumption, smoking, having spicy foods, taking blood-thinning medications, and even engaging in some strenuous activities.

Just while undergoing this surgical procedure, the patients must wear disposable clothing.

Immediately after undergoing the procedure, it is normal for the patients to experience some amount of pain, swelling, and bruising. The patients must also strictly follow instructions that are provided by the surgeon. Additionally, activities like shampooing and brushing must be avoided entirely between ten to fifteen days after surgery.

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