Restore Your Hairline With Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss drastically impacts one’s social, professional and personal life. Finding hair in combs makes people freak out, but still, many opt for temporary solutions to fix it. However, these fixes only last for a while, and people eventually start looking for more permanent results. A hair transplant for receding hairline is the only treatment for hair loss that offers permanent results. Since people are becoming more aware of its effectiveness and desire a permanent solution, the demand for hair transplants is increasing tremendously. The rise in clinic competition has led to a lower cost of hair transplants in India. 

Though hair transplant hairline offers incredible results, it is important to understand whether the solution is right for you. Therefore, before the surgery is performed, a consultation session is organised with the surgeon to address questions and evaluate the condition to understand whether the treatment is feasible for you. 

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant for receding hairline is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that helps to restore the hair follicle. The method involves extracting follicle units from the donor area with high hair density and implanting them into the desired bald area. It shouldn’t be confused with the regenerative process; hair transplant is a completely restorative method. The treatment helps you to reach reasonable expectations, but you won’t have your pre-hair loss hair back.

Hair follicles’ life depends on the blood supply to them, and therefore 100% restoration is impossible. Though only 30% restoration is possible, the advanced techniques help to provide pleasing and natural-looking hair. 

FUE and FUT technique involves the same procedure; the only difference is how grafts are harvested. The FUT technique extracts a small strip from the donor area, generally the head’s back or side. The donor area is the region with high hair density sufficient to carry out the implant. Once extracted, the strip is sent to the lab for further dissection under a microscope. Finally, the units are implanted into the slits formed at the recipient area. On the other hand, in the FUE technique, each follicular unit is grafted from the donor area and then transplanted into the desired area. 

Are the results of a hair transplant permanent?

Receding hairline transplant is the only treatment option for hair loss that offers permanent and natural-looking results. The follicles of lost hair are DHT-prone. They serve as hormone receptors and therefore experience shrinkage and thinning before hair loss. The frontal area and vertex area experience most of the hair loss.

During the hair transplant for receding hairline procedure, DHT-resistant hair follicles are implanted, which do not get impacted and remain throughout life. These DHT-resistant hair follicles are generally present at the back and side of the head. To avoid damage to hair follicles, they are extracted carefully. The damage rate in the FUT technique is less as the dissection is carried out in the lab under a high-resolving microscope. 

Therefore, implanting DHT-resistant hair follicles during the procedure helps to provide permanent results. 

How does a hair transplant transform appearance?

Receding hairline transplant aims at covering the bald area by transferring hair follicles from the donor area. The hair follicle is taken from the androgen-insensitive region, which is the back and side of the head. These follicles remain genetically unimpacted and therefore last for a longer time to give permanent results. 

The existing hair and the transplanted hair follicle look the same and grow in the same manner, for the transplant patient’s hair is used to get as natural-looking hair as possible. Moreover, a skilled surgeon with solid attention to artistic detail is a must. 

To provide natural-looking hair, a lot of key factors are taken into consideration. The patient’s age, sex, facial features, head shape, etc., all help to determine the perfect hairline design. A perfectly designed hairline enhances one’s look but also boosts their confidence. 

The angle of hair follicles in the bald area is positioned correctly before implanting any new hair follicles. Ideal and correct angulation is a must to have a natural design. The angulations are considered at the time of preparing for implanting or slicing.

Secondly, the pattern of the hair follicles is also an important factor. The units are arranged in a zigzag pattern. A linear pattern gives the appearance of doll hair which looks unnatural.  

The quality and quantity of hair follicles implanted also determine the appearance that a receding hairline transplant will offer. For frontal lines and temporal triangles, single grafts are used. To cover a larger bold area, many thick grafts are implanted. 

All those factors together determine the appearance that a hair transplant hairline offers. It is an incredible treatment option for those suffering from hair loss. However, the important thing to remember is that choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon is as important, so if you are searching for a surgeon to restore your hairline, visit ALCS Clinic now!

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