Rhinoplasty : The Basics Of Getting A Nose Job

Many men and women tend to be unhappy with the appearance of their nose that makes them want to get a nose job. It is the ultimate solution of getting aesthetic outcomes with the additional benefit of improved nose functioning. The doctor can do it either for cosmetic purposes or medical issues. Either way, it is a complex and delicate procedure that needs experience and skills.

Rhinoplasty is a prevalent cosmetic nose surgery, but it still has multiple questions surrounding the procedure. Rhinoplasty reshapes the nose to achieve efficient, natural-looking results and aids fast recovery. It is usually a safe surgery when done by an experienced surgeon. You can get the nose of your dreams and boost your appearance.

We have mentioned some information you might want to know before undergoing rhinoplasty. You can check for professionals online and shortlist the one based on your requirements. You also need to check for the nose job price they charge to make the arrangements. Alternatively, you can visit ALCS India once to get a consultation regarding your rhinoplasty surgery. We also offer non surgical rhinoplasty at our clinic.

What is nose surgery or rhinoplasty?

As previously said, rhinoplasty is plastic surgery of the nose. It can be done to make minor changes, but they can improve the balance of the person’s facial features and bring out exceptional results. Rhinoplasty is a complicated surgery performed only on the target area on a 3-D facial feature. One small structural change can permanently change how you look. Thus, you need to rely on your surgeon’s creative aspect along with their surgical skills to meet the look you want.

When you get a nose job matters!

Investing how you look is an emotional and financial commitment. However, did you know that doing it at the right time is vital? Many times, teenagers consider getting nose plastic surgery or, in other words, rhinoplasty. But you should at least be 16 years old for physical maturity and facial growth to be complete. The nose needs to be fully developed before any alterations are made. While considering the procedure, the individual should decide themselves and not based on someone else’s opinion.

It is crucial to maintain a realistic view when undergoing any cosmetic procedure. Prepare yourself mentally and put effort into understanding how the process works. While choosing the surgeon, look at the pictures of the patients they previously had. Rhinoplasty requires its own skillset and is different from other cosmetic surgeries. Therefore, the surgeons can charge extra rhinoplasty costs based on their experience.

Rhinoplasty can achieve a wide array of results, so knowing what you want is necessary. Patients can even use it to correct some medical issues like a deviated septum or broken nose due to an accident.

Following are some common reasons for patients to consider rhinoplasty-

  • Removal of a hump on the nose bridge
  • Narrowing of the nose bridge
  • Narrowing or widening the nostrils
  • Shortening the nose length
  • Redefining bulbous tip for harmony
  • Fixing a crooked nose

Depending on your concern, you may need a single change or combination of changes. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under IV sedation anaesthesia. Whether an open or closed rhinoplasty also depends on the results aspired. In an open rhinoplasty, the incisions are made inside and under the nose between the nostrils. In a closed one, the incision is made inside the nose. Closed rhinoplasty is usually recommended for minor changes, while an open rhinoplasty is preferred for injury and significant cosmetic changes.

After the surgery, you will be asked to rest in a recovery room and return home after a few hours. For a couple of days, expect some swelling and bruising. Some might even have discolouration around the eyes. You can take over-the-counter meds and cold compresses to deal with the side effects.

Post-rhinoplasty follow-ups will be scheduled after a few days to keep up with the progress, and then another one after 2-4 weeks. As you heal, it is suggested that you avoid excess exercise and movements until the doctor says.

To achieve the desired outcomes and aesthetic look, rhinoplasty needs to be done by a professional who is well experienced and skilled. Therefore, you need to check the qualifications and training of the doctor before finalising the surgeon. The rightly trained and talented surgeon has that artistic touch and surgical skill to reshape the nose precisely as you want.

At ALCS India, we have empanelled some of the top cosmetic surgeons who are well-qualified and trained. We want our patients to be fulfilled with the procedure they came in looking for. Our leading experts can provide extensive guidance on rhinoplasty and non surgical rhinoplasty as well. So get your estimated nose surgery cost and appointment with the best in the field today at ALCS India.

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