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Staying fit and looking good are two of the pre-requisites for someone looking to make their name in the movie industry. And for someone who has made a name as big as Salman Khan, the pressure to keep up is huge. In a country like India, where movie stars are idolized, one can find millions of fans queuing up to get the latest Salman Khan hairstyle. Everyone knows who is Salman Khan and it is not impossible to imagine the impact of and interest in Salman Khan’s hair loss.

A leading figure of the Indian movie industry, Salman Khan is a heart throb of millions. Known as Sallu and Bhaijaan lovingly, it is no secret that his good looks are an important part of his persona. Born on 27th December 1965 and educated in some of the best schools and colleges across the country, he is a talented person. Being an actor, producer, television show host and a painter are just some of the hats this multi-skilled person wears. His extensive body of work makes people want to follow his mannerisms as well as the famous Salman Khan hairstyle.

Now, imagine what happens when news emerges claiming “Salman Khan bald!” This is not really the best of possibilities for the star or his fans and hence he underwent surgery to take corrective action. And as usual, the Salman Khan Hair transplant, became a favourite story for the media. His presence at multiple events, be it movie promotions or charity events for his organization, “Being Human”, need him to look his best and not support the stories with headlines such as Salman Khan bald.

So, here is everything you wanted to know about the Salman Khan Hair Transplant

As a celebrity with a lot riding on his looks and the hairline receding with age, Salman Khan joined a long list of movie industry members to have undergone hair transplant. And as expected, Salman hair transplant was as big a story as Salman Khan Hair loss. In the year 2003, his followers were surprised to find images that suggested he might have undergone surgery. Aside from the reactions and sentiments, the outcome of Salman Khan Hair Transplant proves the huge difference it can make to the appearances of a person. Below is a chronology of the various surgeries undergone by Salman Khan to overcome the Salman Khan bald phase.

Surgery 1 – 2003

It is a known fact that hairlines start receding with age and even a celebrity is not exempted from this phenomenon. However for someone who is known for the “Salman Khan hairstyle”, this couldn’t have been an option. Hence, he opted for a surgical intervention. An image doing the rounds on the internet at that time, showed a scar which is generally caused by the FUT method of hair transplant. The legendary Salman Khan hair was supposed to return to its former glory with the surgery. To cover up for the hair transplant, he went completely bald at the time.

Surgery 2 – 2007

After the experience of the previous surgery, the actor decided to tackle the Salman Khan hair loss in a slightly different manner. He did undergo surgery once again, however this time with the FUE process instead of the FUT. He underwent a total of 4 surgeries, two of which were FUE and the remaining were strip treatments. Although slightly more expensive than the FUT, the FUE method did not have much impact on the Salman hair transplant cost. At the same time, the result was much better and the famed Salman Khan hair was back.

Surgery 3 – 2016

The final surgery that helped in the Salman hair transplant was conducted as recent as 2016, and was conducted at his farmhouse in Panvel. The specialist surgeons were specially flown in from abroad and they helped the star to get back his glorious mane. For those interested in the Salman hair transplant cost, it should be borne in mind that he is one of the leading actors in the country. The effect of his thinning hairline is much more than the cost for a surgical treatment.

The reason the actor chose to get the last surgery in Panvel, is the fact that slightly colder environments help in a faster and better recovery. Thus, the location was ideal in terms of recovering faster as well as staying away from the prying eyes of the media.

The results of the latest surgery is there for everyone to see and it is safe to say that the FUE Hair Transplant Surgery yields excellent results, whether for a common man or a mega star like Salman Khan. It is safe, secure and has a superb success rate. All that needs to be taken care of is selecting the right surgeon to perform it.

ALCS do not claim that we have performed any hair transplant for this actor, nor do we claim they have undergone a hair transplant.

Source – Multiple news websites and user forums. We take no responsibility for any claims made in this post.

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