Stats You Should Know About Hair Loss

It is needless to mention how protective and concerned we are about our hair. That being said, facing the problem of hair loss can be dramatically dreadful to a person’s mental and physical outlook. It can cause severe anxiety and stress and lack of confidence. Different individuals have their specific reasons for which they think they are losing hair. However, there is one condition that is surrounded by several myths, incorrect facts, and very often- intriguing stats. Below is mentioned a list of impressive stats regarding hair loss that one should know about.

About 90% of men consider hair loss as their primary concern

As less surprising as it is, this is an indisputable fact! Hair loss can be a deadening experience for most people and is also responsible for causing mental health issues like anxiety and stress. It hits hard on your self-confidence. You know it is a severe concern when 90% of men say that male-pattern baldness is their biggest concern. To overcome this problem and also the stress that it causes, many men consider hair transplant surgery, which helps them regain both -lost hair and confidence.

47% of men believe in myths surrounding genetics’ role in hair loss

It is scientifically proven that the condition of hair loss has an equal chance of being inherited from both maternal as well as the paternal side of the person suffering. However, most men are still under the impression that hair fall can be inherited genetically from only one side of their family. This is mere disbelief only and must be treated accordingly.

About 50% of women have the possibility and tendency of suffering from hair loss

The outlook is slightly different in women. Unlike men, women are found to face thinning hair, i.e., reduction in volume, in case of hair loss. And considering the percentage acquired by studies, one can infer that alopecia is not only prone to men but also women.

Most men (almost 6 out of 10) cant’ identify/differentiate a hair transplant

With the passing of time and advancement of technology, several new procedures of hair transplants have been brought into sight. The two most common and useful are the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE, where individual hair follicles are extracted surgically from dense growth areas and grafted into the balding area according to requirement). Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT (where an entire strip of scalp skin containing healthy hair follicles is removed surgically from a dense growth field, separated as per requirement, and then grafted where and as needed). These techniques make it highly challenging to identify that a hair transplant is even there. It is that close to the original look! 

In 2009, a study was carried out by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. They found that three-fifths of the people who went through the survey couldn’t identify a hair transplant. All thanks to modernization and technology.

50% of hair disappears before the condition becomes noticeable

This is a stat that is as horrifying as it sounds. What is more appalling is that most people aren’t even aware of it. It is highly advisable to opt for a hair transplant treatment as soon as possible. It is so because you might be suffering from a hair loss problem because you feel excellent, and your hair feels intact. By the time you notice and finally think of going through the surgery, you will have lost about 50% of your hair.

With hair transplant costs going down daily, it is becoming more popular among men and women alike. It has become the most go-to solution to treat a hair loss problem. It is so for its effectiveness. It is widely generalized across the country in several states. 

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