The Rise Of Technology In Hair Transplant

Different hair transplant techniques keep evolving every day. Out of all the latest strategies used for hair transplants, robotic technology plays a very crucial role in this field.

It is mostly utilized to assist the surgeons who are performing the best treatment to achieve the most natural appearing result. However, this statement can also vary depending on the situation. 

Some of the latest hair transplant technology, namely ARTAS and Neo-graft, has already acquired an important position in the field of hair transplant surgery.

But the point is, both of these techniques cannot replace manual skills in comparison to the expertise of the most experienced surgeon in performing this procedure. These technologies cannot even deliver the best results without the supervision of a proficient surgeon.

Fundamentals of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) basics

The Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most popular hair transplant technique, where both the ARTAS and Neo-graft procedures can be utilized to accomplish the best natural-appearing result.

When an experienced surgeon performs an FUE, they first start extracting each hair follicles one by one. The best part of the procedure is it involves the formation of no long linear scarring in comparison to any other surgical hair restoration procedures like FUT.  

However, if you intend to undergo an FUE procedure, first, you need to be an eligible candidate for experiencing the process.

Once you have been recognized as an experienced surgeon, the surgeon first shaves their patient’s scalp to collect a countless number of hair follicles by utilizing the best hair transplant technique. 

These harvested hair follicles are then transplanted to the donor area. The best part is, hair in beard and eyebrows can also be achieved by undergoing this hair transplant technology.

However, it is essential to understand that FUE has not replaced the FUT hair transplant technology. It just gives the patient another option for undergoing a hair restoration procedure.

The same theory goes with the ARTAS or the Neo-graft techniques. But it is important to remember that all of these techniques can only assist a hair surgeon in performing the best FUE hair transplant procedure.

What is ARTAS?

ARTAS is one of the latest hair transplant technology that utilizes a robotic system to complete a hair transplant surgical procedure.

This is currently gaining quite a great popularity among the most updated clinics and surgeons due to its efficiency in extracting hair follicles.

This system has got a fantastic programming system where the ARTAS assesses the hair follicles and then picks the follicles that are recognized as the best choice for transplantation.

Finally, the hair follicles are harvested by the device from the donor area within the least possible time.

What is Neo-graft?

Well, there is a massive difference between Neo-graft and the ARTAS in which a neo-graft is not a computerized or robotic device.

It is one of the latest hair transplant techniques that involve using a simple handheld device that can help to add some automation to the hair extraction procedure.

Some amount of pressure must be applied to this gadget, to facilitate the hair follicle extraction procedure from the donor areas. The Neo-graft technique is intended to accelerate the FUE procedure.

However, some other FUE Techniques can effectively remove the grafts as efficiently as it does. This particular device is used when a person is undergoing a hair restoration procedure for the first time.

The verdict

However, anyone experiencing a hair transplant procedure must remember that there is no single hair transplant technique that suits everyone.

There is no doubt that gadgets like ARTAS and Neo-graft have a lot of facilities, and some experienced hair transplant surgeons can only handle these devices. But the efficiency of these devices is far away from matching the skills of an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

In case you want to get the best advice on the latest hair transplant techniques, it is imperative to consult with an experienced surgeon who can explain the best option for you after analyzing your medical conditions.

You can get in touch with such a hair transplant surgeon at our ALCS clinic. We select surgeons and other staff for our clinic based on their experience and qualification.

In addition to this, we also utilize all the latest up-to-date equipment that helps in providing the best services to every single patient who intends to restore their lost hair by undergoing the latest hair transplant technology.  

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