Thigh lift surgery comes under plastic surgery procedures. It involves the removal of excess fat present on the upper legs and tightening the skin to contour the thighs. You can either opt for an outer thigh lift, inner thigh lift surgery or both. The surgery gives excellent outcomes that are permanent.

The patients thinking of getting a thigh reduction surgery must also understand the recovery process. Recovery from thigh surgery is different for every individual. It depends on genetics, age, tolerance towards pain, anatomy, and technique.


Here is a brief timeline of the surgery

1. Immediately after the surgery
You will be administered general anaesthesia when you undergo any thigh lift, like inner thigh lift surgery. Thus, you might feel tired, nauseous, or even sore on waking up. It is normal to continue feeling that for up to three hours. Your thighs will be bandaged, and you might be asked to wear compression garments. Drainage tubes are usually placed under your skin to drain the fluids from the operated area while you heal.

The soreness and pain medications will make you unfit for driving. Therefore, plan for a friend or relative to stay with you for the rest of the day. After a few hours, you need to move around to keep the circulation going.

2. 2-3 days post-surgery
The swelling and bruising due to the procedure will be noticeable after 2-3 days. You should continue wearing compression clothes. At this point, the incisions are healing, so it is vital to move as little as possible. Each movement requires the movement of thighs, so for the first few days, try to move as little as possible.

3. 7-14 days post-surgery
After week one, you will need to go in for a follow-up appointment with your doctor. The doctor will remove the drain and stitches. In addition, the bandages will either be changed or removed altogether.

You should wear compression clothing for a few more weeks. The garments are crucial in protecting the incisions and supporting the thighs to encourage healing. For about two weeks, keep the movement to a minimum. Avoid stretching your thighs and be careful as you sit, stand, walk or bend. The swelling and bruising will be visible.

4. After 2-4 weeks
At the two week mark, you need to start balancing the minimum movement regimen with simple walking. The simple movements will play a role in avoiding the blood clots in your lower limbs.

5. Post 1-2 months
The sixth week is accompanied by total healing of the incisions and minor swelling in the thighs. The scars remain visible, and the colour can range from light red to dark purple. It is safe to resume almost all activities. However, if you still have a bit of swelling, go for steady walks and prevent vigorous movements.

6. Six months after the thigh reduction surgery
The swelling disappears as you approach six months. You might be able to see the outcomes more clearly now. But, the improvements can be seen for up to a year.

If you maintain your weight, health, and fitness, the thigh lift results will last for a lifetime, and the thigh lift cost will seem worth it.


With any surgery, pain is unavoidable. You will be prescribed some oral pain killers to manage the pain. Say you underwent surgery for inner thigh lifts, then you can do the following to feel at ease –

1. Rest
Take a rest and break from work as much as possible for the first two weeks.

2. Drink Water
Water is essential to reduce the risk of post-surgery complications and faster recovery, so stay hydrated.

3. Little is Good
There is nothing wrong with easy, small and slow walks around the house to keep the circulation neat. It will speed up the healing and avoid clotting.

Do note that the intensity of pain differs with every individual.


Two or more incisions are required in the surgical procedure for a thigh lift. Do not expect the scars to disappear completely. However, the doctor will put them in such places that hide with clothes or natural skin folds.

If you want to use creams or moisturisers on your skin, especially the incision sites, consult your doctor.

What are the general risks involved?

Discuss the probable risks involved before finalising your decision to undergo a thigh lift. The general risks include pain, scars, unsatisfactory results, infection, bleeding, retention of fluid, clots in lower limbs and loosening of the skin.

Thigh lift recovery tips

Everyone naturally wants fewer risks and more outcomes. So stick to the instructions given by your doctor. Pay special attention to the following things-

  • For the first two weeks, take maximum rest.
  • Follow the timings of your pain medicines.
  • No movement except slow, mindful walking to avoid clots.
  • Wear compression garments for 3-4 weeks at least.
  • Drink plenty of water and rescue sodium in food.
  • While resuming a daily routine, consult with a doctor and be cautious.

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