Things to Consider Before Having a Hair Transplant in India

Hair loss is a problem faced by many people in today’s world and therefore the hair loss treatments are more sought after than ever before. Hair transplant is no longer a word limited to medical jargon. Instead, it has become a part of the day to day discussions. Anyone who has faced hair loss, has had at least one well-meaning friend advise them to go for a hair transplant. This behaviour has been further supported with the easily available options for hair transplant in India.

But, if this were so easy, why doesn’t every person who faces hair loss, go for a transplant. The reason is pretty simple actually! Like any other medical procedure, hair transplant is a surgical treatment and hence must be considered, being fully aware of what to expect. Here are a few things, one must consider, before going in for a hair transplant in India or elsewhere.

• Is hair transplant really required for your condition?

It is easy to go with the popular opinion and believe that hair transplant is your only option to save yourself from going completely bald. However, before making this assumption, it is important to understand that not everyone is a good candidate for a hair transplant. A good consulting surgeon is the one, who can assess your hair and medical condition, to identify, whether or not you actually need a hair transplant surgery. If the results are negative, even the best hair transplant in India will not work in your favour.

• Why are you losing your hair?

Not every hair loss is same or for the same reason. The important point is to identify the cause for your hair loss, before going in for any treatment. If you are facing only a temporary hair fall due to illness, stress or pregnancy, no special treatment is required and your hair loss will be controlled. However, your hair fall is permanent in nature like due to certain treatments, hormonal imbalance, age or other genetic factors, it needs to be evaluated, whether hair transplant can be of any help to you.

• Are you of a suitable age to go in for this treatment?

An important factor affecting the hair loss pattern is age. If you go to the surgeons performing the best hair transplant in India, they will advise you only one thing. It is important to identify that the nature of the hair fall is permanent and hence any surgical treatment should be avoided till the patient is at least of a certain age, for e.g. more than 25 years.

• Are there any alternative treatments that you can consider instead of a transplant?

It is important to understand that despite the methods for hair transplant in India making progress in leaps and bounds, it is not the only treatment available to the patients. Medicine based treatment is a good alternative and can be considered, especially for people who are quite young.

• What will be the cost of the hair transplant?

There are a number of factors that can define the hair transplant cost in India or any other place. Before deciding to go for the method, it is important to know the approximate cost you will have to bear and be prepared for it. The hair transplant cost in India depends on the qualification of the surgeon, the availability of the support staff, the medical facility, the techniques used and many other things.

• What type of Hair Transplant are you going for – FUT or FUE?

The two techniques of hair transplant used extensively are FUT and FUE. While FUT is the traditional method and involves some amount of scarring with a higher recovery time, FUE is the more recent and efficient technique. In this the amount of scarring is minimal and the recovery time is also comparatively lesser. Hence, the FUE hair transplant cost in India is slightly higher than FUT.

• What is the typical recovery period after the Hair Transplant Surgery?

Although a comparatively safer procedure, hair transplant is a surgical method at the end of the day. The typical recovery times after FUT is nearly a week and for FUE it is 2-3 days. The exact time may differ from case to case.

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