Thinking About Rhinoplasty

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is also known as nose surgery or septorhinoplasty. It is a type of cosmetic surgical procedure. There can be many potential reasons why an individual might want to get rhinoplasty done.

Some of those reasons could be medical like wanting to get a rhinoplasty done to correct the difficulty experienced during breathing or some cosmetic reason.

In the case of medical reasons, nasal obstruction can cause a number of difficulties like snoring, problems experienced during exercising, disturbed sleep, sleep apnea, or interference with other activities.

In most cases, medical experts first recommend getting sleep apnea treatment or nasal spray. But if those options fail, then surgery is suggested.

When nose surgery is performed due to medical reasons, then it is covered under most medical insurances. This surgical procedure is tailored to the exact requirements and desired outcomes that are sought by the patient.

Also, if an individual is only suffering from a deviated septum, this is defined as the midlevel wall of cartilage that divides the right side of the nose and the left side of the nose, and then it can be corrected by opting for a septoplasty.

But if the septal deviation is severe or if it occurs in areas that are critical for nasal support then, there is no other option but to perform rhinoplasty. This cosmetic surgery helps in addressing septal deformity and strengthening key breathing areas of the nose by strategically placing cartilage grafts.

What Should I Know About Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery is always performed under general anesthesia. The medical expert begins by making a small incision along the base of the nose. Thankfully, this incision does not leave any scar after healing.

This incision is also connected to the incisions that were made inside the nose. The incisions that are made inside the nose are also not visible. All these incisions help the medical expert to access the cartilage and bone of the nose.

This further helps in improving the nasal passageways and reshaping the nose through careful and meticulous adjustments that are made to both the bone and the cartilage.

Usually, individuals who wish to get a nose surgery to ask the question of whether the bone would have to be broken for performing the rhinoplasty. According to experts, this is not required in most cases as the bone is left intact in those procedures.

However, if an individual has suffered from severe trauma to the nasal bone in the past then, the bone might be shifted to a more favorable position.

Individuals who have a bony nasal hump can also get rhinoplasty done to smooth down the hump to achieve a straight profile or a gentler curve of the nose. Once the anesthesia wears off, the patient can go home.

What are the Guidelines for Recovery?

If an individual is planning to get a rhinoplasty surgery done then, it is a good idea to plan ahead and take a week off from work or school. This is advised so that the individual could just focus on resting, icing, and following the regime of nasal cleaning diligently.

The medical expert would have also provided some pain medications. And thankfully, the patient would only require those medications for a couple of days as the pain wears off after that.

During the recovery procedure of the rhinoplasty surgery, it can be somewhat difficult for the individual to breathe as various splints of bendable thin plastic sheets are placed inside the nose to keep the septum straight.

On the third day, one can expect the swelling to peak. And after that, the swelling will go down. It is also common for bruising to occur under the eye.

After getting the surgery for one week, all this will go down and the patient would only have to wear a small cast on the nose to protect it and reduce any swelling that might be left.

Once the week is completed then, the splints and cast will be removed. After that, the patient is free to return to his or her daily schedule. However, it is recommended that one should avoid engaging in any contact sports for at least six weeks.

All symptoms of healing would resolve by the end of the month. But for full healing, it might take the patient around one year. However, before all this, it is recommended that the individual should ask about the rhinoplasty cost.

Want to Know More about Rhinoplasty

If you are interested in getting rhinoplasty then, you should set up a consultation with the best rhinoplasty surgeon in your city or town. You should make sure that the surgeon is board-certified and routinely performs rhinoplasty procedures.

Feel free to ask your medical expert any questions that you might have related to this procedure. Also, ask about the total rhinoplasty cost before proceeding any further with the consultation.

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