What are Stretch Marks and What Can You Do to Get Rid of Them

The Introduction

Stretch marks are also known as striae. Many experts consider stretch marks to be a type of scar that appears on the skin. These scars are caused when the dermis gets torn up. Scars can also appear if the deeper layer of skin is damaged due to the tissue’s stretching.

Stretch marks can also be explained as the rupture of the elastin and collagen of the skin. These marks leave permanent scars when they heal. And on the surface, these marks develop into visible lines.

It should be noted that stretch marks are quite dark in colour when they first appear on the skin. Stretch marks often tend to be red or purple in colour at the start. In some cases, stretch marks might also be raised above the skin. These marks might appear puffy and itchy.

Thankfully, the good news is that stretch marks improve with time. As time passes, the stretch marks’ colour fades from red or purple to a very pale colour. The marks also flatten and can appear quite depressed below the level of the surrounding skin.

Who is at Risk of Getting Stretch Marks?

Some people are more at risk of developing stretch marks than others, irrespective of the fact that everybody can develop stretch marks. People who have extreme hormone levels, like pregnant women, are more susceptible to stretch marks.

Individuals with a family or genetic history of stretch marks are also more at risk of developing these marks. Some mothers refer to their stretch marks as ‘tiger stripes.’ This is seen as a symbol of the woman’s struggle to give birth to a child.

Apart from pregnant women, teens also develop stretch marks during puberty. This is because of the changing and growing body. The extreme fluctuation in muscle and body weight also results in stretch marks on various body contours. Individuals who use medications like corticosteroids, which can thin the skin for prolonged periods, are also at a greater risk of developing stretch marks.

Tips for Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

What if you have stretch marks on your body and you want to get rid of those marks? Sadly, just like any other scar, it is not possible to get rid of stretch marks. These marks are permanent. However, it is possible to improve the appearance of stretch marks by indulging in scar massages.

If one opts for scar massages at an early stage of stretch marks development, he or she can avoid getting evident stretch marks. Ideally, it is recommended that one perform a scar massage at least once every day for good results.

There are also ingredients like tretinoin and hyaluronic acid that can have small benefits for red stretch marks. One can also opt for a vascular laser treatment to enhance the pigment changes in the stretch marks.

None of these methods will help you get rid of your stretch marks. This is why it is best to opt for prevention. If you are at risk of developing stretch marks, you should always keep your skin well hydrated. Avoid gaining excess weight to prevent damage to the skin.

You might also be interested in learning that if you are a woman who has developed stretch marks during her pregnancy, you can get rid of those marks by getting a tummy tuck procedure done. A tummy tuck would help eliminate any stretch marks that are located below the belly button or on your lower abdomen.

If you are looking to get a tummy tuck, you should also make sure that you only get this procedure done by the best cosmetic surgeon in India. Ensure that the cosmetic surgeon you select is knowledgeable, has the expertise, and is skilled at performing cosmetic surgeries.

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