What are the facts and myths about hair transplant treatment?

What are the hair transplant facts and myths?

The cosmetic industry has provided us with so many ways that improve our looks and personality. If you feel betrayed by nature, the cosmetic industry provides the solution to hide flaws and make them better. Hair transplant is one such procedure that has benefitted exceptionally to people. The effects of losing hair are seen in men and women in various forms like lack of confidence, personal transformation, and many more. Naturally, there are several myths about hair transplant. But are you aware of the facts about hair transplant? You can visit the nearest doctor or read the following to know hair transplant facts and myths.

Some of the common myths are listed below-

  • Only men can have hair transplants

No wonder this myth has been doing rounds for years now, mainly because male pattern baldness is common. It is the reason due to which hair transplant is labelled as a ‘men’s thing’. In reality, the fact about hair transplant is that both men and women experience various balding patterns and can require hair transplant. Interestingly, women have better outcomes of a transplant because they have long hair. Irrespective of gender, you can choose to use either FUE and FUT techniques.

  • After getting a hair transplant, you’ll need no further hair loss prevention treatment.

Hair fall that can occur in the future cannot be stopped by undergoing a hair transplant. After a transplant, the only way to control hair loss is by medical treatment. PRP injections or tablets are used to balance hormones that can cause future hair loss. Various creams and ointments are also suggested as a part of treatment. Hair fall stops right after getting hair strands implanted is not a correct fact about hair transplant.

  • Scalp hair transplant and Body hair transplant yield the same results

Surgeons prefer to take hair strands from the back of the scalp, which has dense hair growth. In case of unavailability of scalp hair, body hair needs to be used. Usually, body hair is not recommended because it has a different growth rate, texture and removing them can leave scars.

  • Immediate result after the transplant

The fact of hair transplant states that the transplanted hair falls off, but roots keep growing after about three weeks. Once blood supply reaches the root of the hair, it stays there permanently. Three normal hair growth stages are named telogen, anagen and catagen and transplanted hair pass through these stages.

  • Hair transplant is not for older people

Being a common myth, this has stopped many people in their 40s and 50s from seeking treatment. There is also no scientific proof for this statement. The dihydrotestosterone hormone the top and front of the head. That is why the hair on the back of the head makes a suitable transplant material. Age doesn’t matter in the procedure.

  • Transplants work best for young men

There is a myth that says undergoing a hair transplant at a younger age yields better long-term results. The fact about hair transplant is the opposite. The younger the age when hair loss starts, the more the chances are that you may require more hair transplant sessions. So it is advisable to start the medical treatment at the earliest but opt for surgical method only when hair loss has stabilized, which is when you get older.

  • You can get someone else’s hair transplanted

It might sound ok to have someone else’s hair transplanted, but in reality, only your body hair can be transplanted. If you tried to get a hair from another person transplanted, your body rejects the foreign hair. You’ll need immunosuppressants to stop that from happening, which are generally not prescribed after hair transplants. At present, only vital organs from another person/cadaver are transplanted, not hair.

  • Hair can be multiplied outside the body

No fact of hair transplant states this. Multiple steps and hormones are involved in the process of growing hair. After decades of research, scientists can grow skin from skin cells that can be used for burn victims. It will take many more years for us to be able to grow hair outside the body. In the current situation, hair can only be grown on the body, not outside it.

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