What are the Major Benefits of Hair Transplant?

A significant chunk of our everyday life is available on social media. Most of us keep on updating our social media profiles to get likes and views. To get maximum likes, we try to experiment with our looks and, at times, even cover extra miles to get the desired attention.

Our hair plays a pivoting role in enhancing our overall appearance, and in the absence of hair, our lives may take a pause. Fortunately, medical science has made enough advancements to treat baldness and hair thinning. However, there are a lot of options to hide your baldness. Some of these are a temporary fix, while some treatments provide a permanent solution for balding.

Hair transplant is one such option that provides long-term benefits for baldness. There are many benefits of hair transplants. First, it provides a natural-looking result at an affordable cost.

Advantages of hair transplant

The benefits of undergoing a hair transplant include:

  • Improved appearance
    It is one of the implicit benefits of hair transplant. Hair transplant gives you voluminous hair to flaunt. When you regain your lost hair, it improves your self-confidence.
  • Permanent remedy for hair loss
    It provides a long-lasting and effective result in baldness and hair thinning. In this technique, your surgeon uses your existing hair to treat bald spots.
  • Treats your bald spots
    It covers the bald patches with healthy hair follicles. The new hair growth makes you confident, and you can resume your social life. You can flaunt your thick hair on social media without any worries.
  • Low maintenance
    Hair transplant does not need heavy maintenance. Once your hair starts to grow, you only need to invest in essential hair care products. Unlike other temporary hair fixes, it provides a better and long-lasting result. Low maintenance is amongst the main benefits of hair transplants.
  • Cost-efficient
    After undergoing a hair transplant, you don’t need to invest in wigs and other hair care products. Hair transplant is a one-time investment that provides effective results when performed under an experienced surgeon.
  • Success rate
    Hair transplant has a high success rate. Most of the patients get the long term benefits of hair transplant. Other alternative treatments do not have a high success rate, and you may need to undergo a repetitive process in a short time.
  • Does not involve many complications
    Hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that works on the scalp. It does not require a hefty and complicated process; hence the chances of post-surgery complications are low. However, it would be best to discuss the possible risks with your surgeon before undergoing a hair transplant procedure.
  • Low possibility of side effects
    One of the most significant advantages of hair transplant is that it does not involve a side effect. Moreover, to reduce the risk of infection, your surgeon prescribes antibiotics. It is a minimally invasive process carried under anaesthesia to minimise discomfort. In addition, your surgeon provides you with after-care tips to get a speedy recovery.
  • Natural hair
    The surgery is performed by taking your existing hair follicles. These hair follicles match the strands on your scalp. Hence, a hair transplant surgery provides a natural result, and once your hair starts to grow, it is hard to distinguish normal hair from the transplanted hair.
  • Does not require many medications
    You don’t need to take a plethora of medicines after your surgery. However, you may need to take antibiotics and painkillers to reduce the after-surgery discomfort. Moreover, you can keep your head elevated for a few days following the surgery.

These are a few advantages of hair transplant. If you have faced excessive hair loss, you can give a try to a hair transplant. You can see the improvement in your hair condition after undergoing a hair transplant.


Hair transplant is a safe procedure that works well in restoring lost hair. However, it is suggested to undergo treatment under an experienced board-certified surgeon. At ALCS Clinic, we provide hair transplants at an affordable cost while maintaining the highest safety protocols. In addition, we offer a comfortable and friendly environment to our patients and focus on developing a profound relationship with our patients. You will feel the comfort of your home the minute you walk into our clinic.

You can call us to experience utmost comfort during your look transformation. If you want to get a head full of hair, you may contact ALCS Clinic.

ALCS Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Clinic, under the leadership of the internationally recognized Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Sunil Arora, specializes in hair restoration and cosmetic procedures. With a focus on quality, ALCS Clinic offers a range of Hair Transplantation and Cosmetic Surgery Services under one roof.

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