What Is breast Reduction?

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a method to reduce large breasts by removing excess fat and skin from your breast. Overdeveloped breasts can often cause neck and back pain, and you may undergo breast reduction surgery to reduce the pain and discomfort. The surgery is beneficial for women with large breasts. Moreover, men with gynecomastia can also choose to undergo this treatment.

Breast reduction, also called breast reduction, is an operative procedure, and hence, you must understand its pros and cons and the process in detail. A detailed discussion with your surgeon will let you know ‘what is boob reduction?’

What to know about breast reduction surgery?

The treatment process starts with a consultation round with your surgeon. First, your surgeon may ask you about your breast health. Then, they will have a look at your medical history to check your suitability for the operation.

It is recommended not to hide anything from your healthcare provider. You can discuss your issues and the need for breast reduction surgery. The consultation round will help you get comfortable and open up regarding any concerns you may have. Your surgeon may measure your breast and discuss your expectations from the surgery.

It is suggested that you talk to your surgeon confidently and explain your goals to them. It will help you and your surgeon during the treatment process. You will also get an explicit picture and an answer to ‘what does breast reduction surgery look like?’

How to prepare yourself for the surgery?

Once you have understood what is breast reduction surgery and cleared your doubts about the process, you need to prepare for the surgery. You must listen to your surgeon’s advice attentively to get a speedy recovery. For a quick recovery, it is suggested to maintain an ideal physical shape.

In addition, you need to take precautionary home remedies for the recovery process. You can keep these things handy:

  • Ice
  • Gauze and clean washcloths
  • Loose-fitting clothes
  • Towels
  • Medicated ointment and creams prescribed by your surgeon

Moreover, it is recommended to arrange for travel to and from the hospital. You may ask your friends or relatives to accompany you during your hospital stay. If you need to travel to another city for your surgery, it is advised to take your friends or family members with you.

What happens during breast reduction surgery?

The surgical process starts with giving anaesthesia that numbs the area and reduces pain and discomfort. Depending upon your situation, the surgery can take anywhere between 2 to 5 hours to get completed. The primary breast reduction surgery methods include:

  • Liposuction
    If you want a slight reduction in your breast size, your surgeon may recommend liposuction. In this process, your surgeon makes minor cuts on your skin to insert a thin tube in your breast area. The tube pulls excess fat and tissues from your breast region.
  • Vertical or lollipop
    If you need a moderate reduction in your breast size, you may need to undergo a vertical or lollipop procedure. It also works on saggy breasts and uplifts them. Under this process, your surgeon will make minor cuts around your areola and breast crease. These cuts are used to remove excess fat deposits around the breast area, which helps reshape your breasts.
  • Inverted T or anchor
    It is beneficial for uneven breast shape and provides a better and uplifted shape to your breast. The surgical procedure is carried for a significant reduction in breast size. Your surgeon will start the process by cutting around your areola to underneath your breast. Then, the excess fat is removed to reduce the breast size.

These are the three main procedures for breast reduction surgery. Your surgeon will decide the best method according to the shape and size of your breasts. After the process, you may need to wear a surgical bra for a few days.

Recovery process

It is recommended to take a week off from your professional and personal commitments. Your recovery process depends on your physical fitness. However, the recovery duration can vary from person to person. In addition, you need to visit your surgeon to remove the bandages and stitches.

After the surgery, you may experience breast pain. Hence, it is suggested to take the prescribed painkillers in the required dosages. In addition, you must stay away from physical exercises and heavy weightlifting.

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