What Is The Procedure For Hourglass Surgery?

Our bodies have different shapes and sizes. Among these shapes, the hourglass shape is considered ideal for women. However, if you are not blessed with this shape, you may undergo hourglass body shape surgery to achieve a perfect body shape.

In an hourglass body shape, you have an ideal muscle to fat ratio that gives a flawless appearance to your body. Moreover, your hips and mid-sections are uniform with a slim waistline. If you have an oval, triangle, or any other body form, you can transform your body shape by undergoing hourglass surgery.

An hourglass body surgery is an ideal surgery to get a defined and firm body structure. It involves:

  • Removing excess fat and giving a defined waistline, hip contour, and structured abdominal walls.
  • Removing bulk from the abdomen and hips to provide you with perfect curves.

It is a significant surgery to improve your aesthetics, and hence it is required to perform the surgery under an experienced plastic surgeon.

Are you a good candidate for hourglass shape surgery?

You are considered to be an ideal candidate for the hourglass shape surgery if:

  • You are unable to lose weight even after spending hours in a gym.
  • Your overall health status is good, and you have no previous injuries.
  • Your outlook towards the surgery is positive and realistic
  • Your emotional, mental, and physical well being is at an acceptable level.
  • You understand the surgery’s complications and demands and are willing to transform your natural body shape.

You may not be the right candidate if you develop health complications after undergoing surgeries. Therefore, it is requested to share the correct information with your plastic surgeon before starting the surgical process.

What is the procedure for hourglass figure surgery?

The procedure of plastic surgery for hourglass figure includes the following steps:

  • The surgery starts with marking the treatment area, cleaning it with an antiseptic, and administering general or local anaesthesia.
  • The surgery uses advanced Vaser technology to fuse fat and help in skin contraction. Vaser technology uses sound energy to transform your body shape without causing any harm to your skin.
  • A profound understanding of human anatomy is required to get the best results from hourglass figure surgery. Your surgeon marks the area before moving forward with liposuction.
  • After Vaser technology and liposuction, the last step is infiltration. The excess fats are collected and injected into your butt, face, and breast to give an hourglass shape.

Be ready to get overwhelmed and receive compliments after your hourglass plastic surgery.

Post-surgery precautions

It is required to take complete rest for a quick after-surgery recovery. In addition, you need to take extreme care to get compelling and aesthetically improved results. Some after-care tips that you can follow are:

  • Compression garments
    Compression garments act as your saviour after hourglass plastic surgery. These garments reduce swelling, prevent infection, and keep your body intact after the surgery. It is essential to keep your body intact to get a contoured and defined look.
  • No smoking
    We understand that smoking is dangerous to our health, especially after undergoing surgery. In addition, the nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes can delay the recovery process.
  • Avoid physical activities
    You must give rest to your body after hourglass surgery. Please do not get involved in any physical activities as it can lead to bleeding, infections, scarring, and implant displacement. In addition, you may not get an effective result if you get involved in intense physical activities.
  • Rest and take care
    You can not take basic activities like sitting, resting, and sleeping lightly after undergoing hourglass surgery. Therefore, it is crucial to take precautionary measures while performing these essential activities. For example, suppose you have undergone a butt lift. In that case, you can not sit immediately after the procedure as it may lead to bleeding as the hourglass body plastic surgery defines your curves and moulds your body in a perfect shape.
  • Prevent infection
    Like every surgery, hourglass surgery also carries the risk of infections. Hence, it is recommended to take timely follow-up with your surgeon. Do not let anyone touch your bruises and incisions apart from your surgeon.
  • Follow your surgeon’s instructions.
    It is vital to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully. Be mindful of your activities, as impromptu activities may lead to infections. It is advisable to contact your surgeon and talk to them regarding after-care tips.
  • Take prescribed medications
    Only take the medicines prescribed by your doctors. Do not take over-the-counter medications that your surgeon does not specify. It can hamper the surgery’s results and can lead to adverse outcomes.

If you have undergone hourglass hip surgery, take utmost precaution while sitting and sleeping. Refrain from sitting for a few days after your surgery. For more information on hourglass plastic surgery, contact ALCS Clinic.

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