What kind of doctor does gynecomastia surgery?

When society speaks of men, they expect them to be in a certain pre-decided physique, and none of their expectations includes enlarged male breasts. However, men in any age group can suffer gynecomastia, and it is embarrassing. Solution? Gynecomastia surgery! The first and the most vital step is to make a conscious and informed choice of gynecomastia surgery doctor.

What Is Gynecomastia?

You must have heard a term called ‘man boobs’. Where does it originate from? Gynecomastia leads to the fatty buildup of breast tissue or enlarged breast glands. Most commonly, gynecomastia is seen in younger males in their puberty or older men with decreased testosterone. However, it can occur in others too. The cause of gynecomastia in every individual may be different, but there is a universal treatment available. It can help you retain a flat and more masculine chest.

What Kind Of Doctor Should Treat My Gynecomastia?

Which doctor does gynecomastia surgery? Which doctor should I choose to undergo gynecomastia surgery? The answer is simple; a plastic surgeon is the best option. However, you need to check certain things before finalising a plastic surgeon for your treatment. The doctor must be adequately qualified, board-certified, and even better if they are specialists in cosmetic breast enhancement procedures. Ensuring these gives you a go card for getting the desired chest appearance from a professional. The chances of getting successful and the best results also increase.

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It might seem very challenging when you begin the search for a competent and best gyno surgeon. When you Google search for plastic surgeons in your area, you are presented with uncountable choices. Many of them will claim to specialise in a breast reduction or gynecomastia surgeries. Some of them may have websites that impress you on the first go filled with perfectly toned male models with flat chests. They might even have videos that explain their expertise and qualification.

However, it is crucial to get a surgeon who performs gynecomastia surgeries regularly and has consistently shown successful results. Following are some of the things that can help you approach the right surgeon for a gynecomastia procedure.

  • You can get an insight into the doctor’s work and technique by seeing before and after photos of the patients, they have operated on. You can also see what are their best results so far.
  • The more the photos on the website gallery, the more the experience. Usually, the surgeon’s knowledge of performing gynecomastia surgeries is proportionate to the pictures.
  • Since the website is supposed to have the best results of the surgeon, consider them to be the best work of the surgeon and keep that view in mind.
  • Do not expect your results to be better than the best results the surgeon has obtained so far.
  • Rather than the surgeon’s technique, the before and after results can tell you a lot about their expertise.

You might feel uncomfortable asking the surgeon, but if they have experience performing many surgeries and getting good results, they will likely have a collection to show you. Look at the pictures from the perspective of yourself getting that result. Think if you would be satisfied with it. You are in a place to doubt or opt for a second opinion if the surgeon has an inconsistent or fewer number of cases. The more the photos, the more clarity you can get.

Now how can you know if the photos shown to you are their work?

The simplest way is to cross-check with the doctor or staff whether the photos being shown are of the people that the doctor themself have operated on. There is a higher possibility that the pictures shown are of the patient operated on by another doctor in group consultation. Another way to know is to check the backgrounds, lighting and poses used in the photos. The same surgeon is likely to have uniformity in the technique used and poses.

Photos that are taken from books are noticeable because they have a dark and grainy appearance. You can easily find the source from where they are copied. Thus, do not accept those.

What Other Factors Should I Consider while choosing a doctor for gynecomastia?

For making a good decision, there are various factors involved. Some of them are mentioned below-

1. Hospital privileges
Some surgeons can do gynecomastia surgery in office surgery centres. However, you need to evaluate if the surgeon has the privileges to perform a particular cosmetic surgery in the hospital you have chosen. Here you also have an opportunity to check their credentials. Hospitals will grant the surgery privileges only to those doctors who are adequately trained and certified.

2. Experience
You can find how much of the surgeon’s previous practice is focused on male breast reduction surgeries. Opt for the best gynecomastia doctor who performs gynecomastia surgeries weekly rather than one who does only a couple of them in a year. The photos of patients (before and after) can reflect the surgeon’s experience performing cosmetic surgeries.

3. Clarity
Of course, you do not have as much knowledge about the surgery as the surgeon. However, a little research before the consultation can help you follow the surgeon’s instructions easily. You can also ask questions like

  • Is the procedure right for me?
  • Am I a suitable candidate for the surgery?
  • Will the technique address all of my concerns like loose skin, enlarged nipples, etc.

The surgeon should explain to you simply why the recommended procedure is perfect for your body type?

These are the few things that can help you choose the best doctor for gynecomastia. However, as mentioned earlier, having too many choices can overwhelm you, so try taking family recommendations first and proceed with the one best suited to your needs. Alternatively, you can consider ALCS India, where Dr. Sunil Arora, one of the top gynecomastia surgeons in India, can guide you.

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