What Makes Hair Grow Faster? Tips For Growth

Faster hair growth signifies healthy hair. The good news is people with healthy hair do not have to endure much hair fall. However, you must know that several ways can boost your hair growth. Here we will be discussing some tips and techniques that can help boost your hair growth and prevent hair fall.

Tips to avoid hair damage and hair fall

Several factors contribute to hair growth like age, pollution, environments, heredity, hair products, lifestyle, food habit, hormones, etc. You will be amazed to know that by incorporating some minor changes in your life your hair growth can be accelerated. Some tips are listed below-

  1. A healthy diet– Maintaining a healthy diet is very important for your body and it is also beneficial for your hair growth. Our brain considers hair and nails as an unnecessary part of the body because it has no specific function in particular. So in case, any part of our body experiences any specific deficiency, the brain compensates by not supplying enough nutrients in your hair and nails. Hairs and nails only receive the leftover protein and nutrients. To ensure that these parts receive sufficient protein it is important to consume sufficient vitamin supplements that can boost the growth of hair.
  2. Live a stress-free life– You may not be aware of the fact but stress may adversely impact the quality of your life and may also hamper your hair growth. Stress generally affects our endocrine system and that results in hormonal imbalance. Agitating the pituitary glands is not very difficult and that may result in extreme hair fall. 
  3. Keep your scalp clean– Pollution, dirt, dust, oil, and several other factors may contribute to hair fall as these may clog the hair follicles or may trigger the development of bacterial and fungal conditions. The accumulation of such products may make your scalp dry and flaky and that may also trigger your hair fall. To ensure better hair growth and prevent hair fall, all you may do is wash your hair regularly with chemical-free shampoo.
  4. Chemical-free products– It is extremely essential to avoid using harsh chemicals on your hair. Make sure that the hair care products that you are using are free from chemicals like SLS or paraben. Try using herbal products that will not harm your hair and ensure that your hair follicles do not have to endure chemical abuse.
  5. Avoid hard water– Hard water is as harmful as hair care products with harsh chemicals because often these water are found contaminated with chlorine and mineral salts. Exposing hair to such chemicals may increase hair fall giving rise to baldness.

Tips to grow your hair naturally

Before opting for any specific treatment, you must try out these natural tips that can help your hair grow faster naturally.

  • Add vitamin C to your diet– Vitamin C is extremely beneficial for hair health as it helps to reduce oxidative stress and we all know that stress can highly impact the quality of your hair. There is no need to consume artificial supplements for your diet, instead, having plenty of oranges, lime, lemons, amla is sufficient to boost up your hair growth.
  • Give vitamin D to your hair– Deficiency of vitamin D is very common and the worst part is the condition comes with no specific symptoms at all. So it is generally the best idea to soak in the sun for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. While doing so, do not forget to add SPF 50 all over your skin as over-exposure to the sun may damage both your skin and hair.
  • Use natural ingredients– It would be best for your hair health if you stop using harsh chemicals to your hair. Instead, you may start using some organic and herbal hair care products that will not harm the hair follicles. For better results, you may also use extracts of Aloe Vera leaf, egg yolk, Banana, Ritha, Amla, and Fenugreek seeds for the nourishment of your scalp as these natural ingredients act as the best conditioners.

However, if you think these tips are not sufficient and you are still experiencing hair fall or dealing with pattern baldness, all you may do is book an initial appointment at some of the leading clinics like ALCS in Jaipur. You may book an initial appointment at our clinic to avail the most personalized treatment at the most competitive range.

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