What should I look for in a hair transplant surgeon?

Over the last twenty years, the hair transplant industry has experienced many changes. Innovation of new techniques for hair transplant has changed the game in the cosmetic surgery industry. Now, the hair transplant procedure is less invasive, provides natural-looking results, and improves your aesthetics. Moreover, you have the option to choose from some of the best hair replacement doctors.

As aesthetic development has boosted the cosmetic surgery industry, you can choose from multiple hair transplant clinics and doctors. However, you must remember that nothing can match the skill, knowledge, and expertise of a trained hair transplant surgeon. Therefore, if you have decided to undergo a hair transplant surgery, you must choose a qualified expert.

Specific points that you must remember while selecting a hair transplant doctor are:

  • Try to spend some time finding the top hair transplant doctors in your locality. As hair transplant is a specialised treatment, take your time to finalise a doctor. You may ask for referrals from your friends and family. However, do not take advice from someone ignorant of hair transplant surgeries. Instead, improve your knowledge by reading about hair fall from trusted sources. Moreover, try understanding everything about the treatment and ways to control excessive hair fall.
  • Do not seek advice from your general physician. Since they are not specialised in treating excessive hair fall, it is better not to consult with them. You may ask for a reference, though.
  • Do not fall into the marketing gimmicks of hair clinics claiming to be the best or offering low prices. Many clinics show flashy advertisements to attract patients. However, such advertisements do not guarantee quality services.

You may take the advice of people who have undergone this procedure in the past. However, you do not need to follow their instructions as their case may differ from yours. Instead, you may think about whose advice to consider before undergoing a hair transplant surgery.

Things to keep in mind!

Here are some things to keep in mind while looking for a hair transplant surgeon.

Take a consultation appointment: Once you have completed your primary research, you may call the shortlisted hair transplant specialist to book initial consultations. The consultation rounds are crucial as you can clear your concerns during the discussion. Moreover, you may ask them to show the pictures of previous surgeries. After looking at the pictures, you may decide on undergoing the treatment. In addition, you may ask them about their educational qualification, board accreditation, and the team they work with. Finally, try to contact a hair transplant surgeon with several years of experience in hair restoration.

Communicate without hesitation: The doctor may want to know about your lifestyle and eating habits during the discussion. Many times, excess hair fall results from lifestyle disorders. For example, excess alcohol and nicotine consumption may induce hair fall. Moreover, hair loss is also caused by a genetic flaw or existing medical conditions. For example, terminal illnesses, sudden shock to the body, and nutritional deficiencies may make you lose your hair strands. Fortunately, these factors causing hair fall can be managed by topical medicines and do not require a hair transplant. However, if you have a genetic hair loss, your doctor may advise a hair transplant. Moreover, if you are suitable for a hair transplant, only then you may consider it.

Have a realistic expectation: Initial consultations also help you set realistic expectations from the surgery. You may discuss your expectations with your hair replacement doctor. If your doctor believes that you have developed an unrealistic expectation, they will help you with your doubts and concerns. You cannot expect a defined result from the surgery as the outcome depends on various factors. These factors may include your age, hair texture, availability of donor hair, the size of your head, and the extent of baldness. The hair restoration doctor will set your expectations based on these factors. If you feel that your surgeon does not provide you with correct information, you may look for a second opinion.

Consider the cost of after-care services: Another crucial aspect that you must not ignore is the quality of after-care services. If your chosen hair clinic provides exceptional after-care services, you must book your appointment there. Some clinics offer hair transplant surgery at a minimal cost. However, they only cover the treatment cost and do not offer after-care facilities. Therefore, try to find a hair transplant surgeon who provides after-care services to their patients.

Check for ideal price: Lastly, check the treatment price at different hair clinics. Sometimes, you may feel that the treatment price is too low. For example, some hair clinics charge per follicle, and every follicle has 2-3 hair strands, making the overall treatment cost higher than the actual quoted price. Therefore, it is vital to understand the price breakup initially, such as during the consultation. You must understand the price per follicle and how many strands you would require to cover the bald patches on your head. Moreover, try to learn about the number of sessions needed for the treatment.

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