When Does The Hair Grow Back After A Hair Transplant?

Have you just undergone a hair transplant procedure and wondering when your hair will grow back? Even though every person has different physical conditions and that profoundly impacts the overall growth of the transplanted hair. As a result, some patients experience a short recovery time, while others may have to wait longer for their hair to be restored. There are specific terms like “fast grower” and “slow grower” that are mostly used by the hair surgeons. A “fast grower” is usually the patient who has recovered within just six months, while a “slow grower” mostly has to wait for about twelve months. In this article, we will be explaining all the steps that are related to the recovery process after undergoing hair transplant surgery.

Avoid sweating at all costs for a few weeks

You must avoid any physical activities for at least 2 to 3 weeks after undergoing hair transplant surgery. To protect the hair and not to hamper its growth, patients must avoid strenuous activities that may result in extreme sweating and end up irritating the scalp causing damage to the new hair grafts. Moreover, swimming or taking sauna sessions or exposing the scalp to the UV rays from the sunlight are also not recommended in the first few months after surgery.

Choosing the right hair transplant procedure

In case you have opted for the FUT procedure, then a strip of skin will be trimmed from your scalp and will be preserved for later use. The suture is usually removed within the next 14 days after undergoing surgery. On the other hand, if candidates choose to undergo an FUE procedure, there is no need to remove the stitches because this hair restoration procedure includes removing the hair follicles from the donor area. In contrast, the FUT hair transplant procedure also involves removing an entire strip of skin.

Two to six weeks after undergoing a hair transplant procedure

The patients usually lose many transplanted hair follicles during this time, which is perfectly normal. This occurs as a result of a specific hair growth cycle comprising three distinct and parallel phases- anagen, catagen, and telogen. Additionally, in some cases, the hair grafts also suffer from oxygen deficiency as they have spent some time outside during surgery. Therefore, the grafts initially settle into a resting phase where no growth takes place. However, since the hair papilla remains optimally anchored in the scalp at this time, so the hair keeps growing subsequently once the anagen phase commences.

Three to five months after the hair transplant surgery

During this period, the new hair follicles start to grow. Still, the speed profoundly differs from person to person, for which the exact speed of the recovery process has not yet been predicted accurately. In addition to this, you may have some pimples and bumps that may arise when the new hair shaft pushes through the skin. This is a part of the natural healing process, and it can disappear entirely in no time.

Six to ten months after undergoing the hair transplant procedure

At this stage, the treatment area gets increasingly filled with newer and healthier hair. This process continues until a year of undergoing this hair restoration procedure. The hair is almost entirely regrown from this point, and you will be able to see the final result of the hair transplant procedure.

What must be done during the recovery period?

To summarize, during the recovery period, you must stick to the guidelines provided by your hair surgeon and be patient if you want to see healthy and robust hair continually growing throughout life.

The transplanted hair must have no issues when it comes to hairdressing or fashion styling, and you can also start using hair sprays or gels daily. But remember that the use of excessive chemical containing products can potentially cause harm to the scalp and the newly transplanted hair. If you have more questions about the recovery period, then you can contact our ALCS clinic in Jaipur. We will be glad to answer all your queries in detail, and our experienced hair surgeons will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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