When Hair Transplant Can Fail? Hear It from the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Sunil Arora

Deciding to get a hair transplant surgery is never an easy decision. There are far too many things that an individual has to consider before getting a hair transplant done. One has to worry about the total cost of the procedure, the exact method that one would want to get, how the recovery is supposed to go, will there be any pain involved and so many other concerns. And as if that was not enough, these days there are always many examples available online which depict the scenarios of a hair transplant gone wrong.

What should an individual do in this situation? According to experts, if an individual is stuck in this cycle then, it is best for that individual to relax and rest a little. Once the individual has calmed down then, he or she should focus his or her efforts on trying to learn more about hair transplants. Learn about all the factors that are involved. Reading about people who have gotten positive results from hair transplants is also a good option. After all this is done then, that individual needs to understand the reasons why a failed FUE hair transplant can occur.

And if you are on the same page with us till now, then it is your lucky day as we have decided to help resolve all your worries by listing various hair transplant failure reasons. A list has been prepared for all those reasons and that list is mentioned below.

  • Inexperienced Hair Transplant Surgeon

Before proceeding to discuss the reasons why hair transplant fail occurs, it is important to remember that the chances of a hair transplant failing are rather less. Hence, as a general rule, you don’t have to worry as long as you hire the best possible surgeon to perform the hair transplant. But there are still some factors that could result in a hair transplant gone bad situation. This is why to stay on the side of caution, it is important to learn about these reasons.

That being said, one of the biggest reasons why a hair transplant can fail is that the individual might decide to get the services of an inexperienced hair transplant surgeon. A hair transplant is a complex procedure that is always customized to the exact needs and desirable final outcomes of the individual. Further, the surgeon has to decide on the donor area, harvest and graft those hair follicles, and implant it on the desired area of the scalp.

Hence, it is often said that the first thing one should look for before selecting a hair transplant clinic is how many years of experience does the surgeon has. More the number of years of experience of the surgeon, the lesser is the chance of hair transplant fail to occurred. Apart from that, an inexperienced hair transplant surgeon can also commit other mistakes that can result in dissatisfactory final results.

  • Care After the Surgery

After getting the hair transplant surgery, the surgeon would provide some guidelines that an individual needs to follow to ensure proper recovery. It is important to follow those recovery guidelines as diligently and religiously as possible.

If an individual fails to do that then, the chances of infection increase tremendously which can further hamper the final results of the hair transplant. To avoid this entire scenario, it is vital to follow strict hygiene guidelines.

  • Were You an Ideal Candidate for Getting a Hair Transplant?

Experiencing amazing results after getting a hair transplant is obviously the best possible scenario. But sadly, not everybody can get a hair transplant done. There are people who are considered to be ideal or good candidates for a hair transplant while there are some people who should not get a hair transplant. Hence, it is always important to make sure that you are a suitable candidate before getting a hair transplant done. But if you had somehow failed to do that then, there are some pretty good chances that you might not get the hair transplant results you want irrespective of the fact that everything else has gone perfectly.

A thorough medical examination is performed to ensure that one qualified for getting a hair transplant. If an individual is suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, kidney diseases, or any other type of chronic illness then, he or she is not a good candidate for getting a hair transplant. People who smoke or who fall over a certain age bracket also do not qualify for getting a hair transplant.

  • The Trap of False Promises by Hair Transplant Clinics

Another common reason why a hair transplant fail might occur is because of the fact that the hair transplant clinic might not be credible. Some clinics care more about money than anything else. Hence, they might make false promises or charge higher rates from their patients. All this can hamper the results of the hair transplant as the surgeons cared more about the money than anything else.

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