When Is The Best Time To get A Hair Transplant?

It is obvious to wonder when is the best time to get your much-awaited hair rejuvenation to improve your aesthetics. There are indeed certain times in a year that is best to get your hair transplant done.

Selecting an apt time and date can prove to be beneficial for getting better results and easier recovery. Keep reading if you want to know when is the best time to get a hair transplant and why you should opt for it.

What is a hair transplant, and how do seasons affect it?

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that involves removing hair with its roots from the back of the head or other body parts and then transferring them to the bald area. There is not an extensive recovery period after this procedure, and you can easily go to your work the next day.

But when is the best time to get your hair transplant done, and why? Of course, the best time to get the procedure done is as per your convenience and the doctor’s availability. But hair transplant surgery is more in demand in the summer. Here is why!

There is a large population of people who visit hair clinics far from their homes, either because they have heard good reviews about the doctor or because it is cost-effective. Since there is travel involved, they prefer summer rather than monsoon. In general, many people take time off from their jobs or go on a vacation during these months, especially parents who have young kids. Also, it would be nice not to run them to school during recovery.

While the above is a patient perspective, what is the expert opinion on when is the best time to get a hair transplant?

According to the experts, you can get a hair transplant in summer, but it is not ideal. Your hair transplant won’t be a failure, but it might pose challenges as you recover. Summer means sweat. Sweating can make recovery challenging. To avoid bacteria entering the transplant site via sweat, you might need to clean the area or avoid sweaty activities frequently.

Sun rays can be harmful, and you do not want to expose your fresh wound to it, so you have to be careful. You can indeed have a transplant in summer, but then be ready to spend a few days indoors or in a cool place.

Winter is the best for transplants!

In winter, you don’t sweat, which means your scalp remains dry and clean naturally. There is a change in our lifestyles during winter. We tend to stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities like sports and sunbathing. With a lesser impact on daily life, you can quickly recover from the transplant.

You do not need to find a shade on the beach or keep yourself from going for a swim. It all happens naturally in winter. Another benefit of getting the transplant in winter is that you have a new look with new hair when it is summer and time for fun activities.

You have a new you with your new hair that boosts your confidence and makes your summer worth it!

So, in the end, when is the best time to get hair transplant surgery? It depends on you!

There is not single but several factors that play a role in deciding a hair transplant surgery. Ultimately, the final call is all dependent on you. As long as you are ready to do whatever aftercare is required, any time is the best time to get your hair transplant. One thing to look out for is allowing a proper recovery. You need to be more careful in summer but if that suits you, go ahead.

Another important thing is getting the right hair transplant surgeon. The experience of the surgeon has a direct impact on results. Thus, it would be best to have a surgeon with adequate knowledge, qualifications and trustworthiness. You need to be sure that you have made the right choice and will get the desired results.

Your doctors will take your daily routine and needs into consideration. The surgeon will also recommend a preferred time and method for your hair transplant, depending on your case.

At ALCS, we have a proper mix of experts, consultants and staff who will together help you get the best treatment. So when you are faced with questions such as, ‘when is the right time to get a hair transplant?’ or ‘Which method should I opt for?’ We have you covered! Call us for a consultation today!

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