When Should I Do a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a special cosmetic procedure that people chose to undergo to restore body proportions either by tightening the muscles or by removing the extra layers of fat from the abdominal area. Both men and women are eligible for undergoing this surgery, but candidates must be aware of the fact that Tummy Tuck is not an alternative for obesity and weight loss. Women may choose to undergo a tummy tuck procedure post-pregnancy to tighten their abdominal muscles and get rid of the excess fat or loose skin around the belly and fetch an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

When should you plan a Tummy Tuck?

  • In case you are dealing with post-pregnancy stretch marks, loosened flab muscles, and extra fat deposits that you cannot eliminate with diet or exercise.
  • You have experienced a change in abdominal shape due to pregnancy or abrupt weight loss.
  • You want to make your abdomen look aesthetically pleasing.
  • People who are already experiencing other cosmetic surgeries like Abdominoplasty, liposuction, buttock implant, or hip tightening may also choose to opt for a Tummy Tuck procedure to improve a perfect appearance. 
  • Candidates who are willing to restore a flat stomach appearance may also opt for this procedure especially when diet and exercise are not helping to accomplish the desired appearance.
  • Women who want to look attractive in a swimsuit especially after pregnancy.
  • You want to accomplish a perfectly contoured abdomen that will make you appear younger.

However, this must be kept in mind that before deciding to undergo one such cosmetic procedure it is extremely important to consult with a plastic surgeon. Furthermore, candidates must also be aware of the fact that tummy tuck will include scarring but the most experienced surgeon will be able to keep the scar conspicuous in the bikini or pelvic area. Also future weight gain and pregnancy may adversely impact the outcome.

What are the options of Tummy Tuck?

There are a few varieties of Tummy Tuck procedures that are available. On consulting with the best professional, they will be able to recommend the best option for you based on your condition and requirement. Stated below are some of the different approaches of abdominoplasty-

  1. Complete abdominoplasty– This is a traditional tummy tuck approach where two incisions are made, one at the lower abdomen and the other around the navel. The surgeon then removes the extra skin, tightens the muscles to deliver the desired contour. In some cases, the surgeons may also perform liposuction to eliminate the excess fatty tissues.
  2. Mini abdominoplasty– In this process, only one incision is made in the pubic region that extends up to as low as possible. Through this incision, the surgeon carefully removes the excess skin, tightens the loose muscles, and may also eliminate the extra fatty tissues to deliver the desired contour. This tummy tuck approach is highly recommendable for people who are already in great shape but cannot accomplish their goals with exercise and dieting.
  3. Extended or lateral abdominoplasty– This is considered one of the most effective procedures for a woman who wants to get rid of excess skin after a significant weight loss or even pregnancy. In this procedure, the surgeon makes deeper incisions to improve the front as well as the sides and hips. Extended abdominoplasty helps to improve the overall abdominal appearance.

Recovery time after a tummy tuck

Since Tummy Tuck is an invasive surgery, the recovery time involved is also extensive. On average, people may require six months or more to recover completely. In the first few days, preventing complications and keeping the pain under control remains a priority. The condition may start to worsen during the first few weeks, but with care and medication; the condition can be managed very easily. After a few months, you will finally be able to witness the desired appearance gradually. It is extremely important to remember that the recovery time highly varies from person to person. However, strictly adhering to the post-op instructions and having all the medications on time may help to speed up your recovery. Wearing compression garments post-surgery is extremely essential as that helps to enhance the accomplished contour.

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