Why Is India The World Leader In Hair Transplant Treatments?

Hair transplant is the most popular surgical yet minimally invasive hair restoration procedure in India. This method involves transferring hair follicles from the hair-bearing area to the hair thinning areas of the scalp. But recently, several stat reviews say that hair transplant in India has been entirely in trend.

There is no embarrassment to announce that hair transplant in India has become a trendy procedure even in this rapidly evolving world. It has been estimated that medical tourism associated with a hair treatment is even more commercial and has become a billion-dollar industry.

However, some different reasons that affirm why there is a sudden rise in the trend of undergoing the best hair transplant in India. It has been concluded that nearly thousands of patients every month visit India especially from the Middle Eastern nations like Dubai, to experience the most successful hair transplant procedure.

The reason that has made India popular in hair transplant 

  1. Climate– Yes, the weather is a very crucial factor that affects the overall hair growth. The sub-continent of India and the Arabian Gulf have an extreme climatic condition like excessive humidity. This kind of weather holds some negative impacts on the scalp and hair. So several people from such parts prefer traveling India to solve some extreme hair loss conditions. Mostly because India is very popular for the expert doctors who are capable of performing the best hair transplant in India.
  2. Cost of the Transplant- The hair transplant cost in India is one of the primary reasons why people from around the world would like to travel so far to undergo the best hair transplant in India. The best part is, the patients get the benefit of experiencing a low-cost treatment without even compromising with the quality of the service offered. Take, for example, anyone undergoing a hair transplant treatment in the USA or Europe. The procedure may cost them around $20,000- 25,000. Whereas, undergoing hair transplant in India may cost about $1000 to $4000. So this is one of the most crucial reasons that attract people in India to undergo hair transplant surgery. Also, the cost of any hair transplant procedure depends on the severity of hair thinning, the number of grafts needed to cover the balding area, the facilities, anesthesia, and medications offered by the clinic and the surgeon’s fee. It is tough to estimate the overall cost of the procedure. Only an experienced surgeon can tell you the exact hair transplant cost in India after analyzing your condition. 
  3. Latest techniques and technology- Compared to the hair transplant cost in India, the quality, techniques, and technology that are used in India to perform a Hair Transplant procedure is remarkable. Most of the hair transplants clinics in India are well-equipped and utilizes innovative and the most advanced technologies to deliver outstanding natural-appearing results. The most commonly performed hair transplant procedures are FUE and FUT because these surgical procedures are considered as the most reliable method. Most importantly, the surgeons and the technicians work hard day and night to accomplish the best-desired result. They also keep themselves updated with the latest technology by attending several training sessions to guarantee top hair transplant in India.
  4. Clinic facilities– Most of the hair transplant clinic in India is government approved and provide fantastic facilities to every single patient who walks in the clinic. You can find world-class facilities that, too, within an extremely pocket-friendly price range in case you choose to undergo a hair transplant in India. If you are not sure which clinic to start with, you can select our ALCS clinic and get in touch with our professionals to get a clear idea about the facilities that we provide.
  5. Major Tourism attraction-One of the essential reason that hair transplant in India has become popular is its major tourism attraction. India is one of the ideal vacation destinations firstly because of the low-cost conveniences involved and secondly due to the presence of some of the best historical landmarks like the Taj Mahal. So it is a great plan to go sightseeing at the Taj Mahal and all other beautiful places to experience the top hair transplant in India.

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