10 Things to Know If You’re Considering a Beard Transplant

Hair Transplant is a restorative procedure which is utilized to implant hair to the balding areas of the scalp. But nowadays, hair transplant is not just performed on the head, but it also showed on the face to restore moustache and even beard. For maximum men, beard and moustache are a sign of masculinity, and it takes quite a considerable amount of time to grow a beard for some people. So mentioned below are ten crucial points that you should know before undergoing a Beard Transplant procedure.

  1. The procedure can be a costly one– Generally, the cost of a hair transplant procedure varies on several factors like the extent of the recipient area, the number of hair follicles required to cover the balding area, the surgeon’s fee, anaesthetic used, etc. Similarly, the cost of a beard transplant will also depend on similar factors. The greater the area needs to be covered; the higher will be the cost of the procedure.
  2. Produces a result of your choice- Before choosing a beard transplant procedure, it is essential to consult with your surgeon to get the guidance about the entire process after knowing your requirements. This will also help you to set a realistic expectation about the procedure.
  3. The donor area will be just a body part- A person who is willing to undergo a beard hair transplant procedure will require a donor area from where the hair follicles will be extracted. So most of the surgeons prefer using hair follicles from another part of the body. However, if the patients lack donor’s hair, then donor hair follicles can also be extracted from someone else’s body.
  4. The transplanted hair will fall off– After experiencing a hair transplantation procedure, the patients will find that the transplanted hair to start shedding off after two weeks or so. Well, there is nothing to worry about this sudden hair fall because this is something very reasonable and the hair will start growing back again soon.
  5. The procedure involves no pain– The beard transplant is a painless procedure as it is performed through an FUE hair transplant technique where the surgeon picks the required hair follicles individually from the donor area. Before beginning the process, the surgeon administers with some mild anaesthetic to ensure that the patients experience no pain during the procedure. During the recovery period, the surgeon will also prescribe some painkillers.
  6. Permanent solution– The best part about undergoing a Beard Transplant procedure is that the result obtained is lasting, so there will be no worry to lose the transplanted hair.
  7. Be aware of the recovery period– Immediately after undergoing a Bread transplant procedure, most of the patients need to take complete rest for a day. Now even though beard transplant does not involve any significant the surgical risk but like any other surgical procedure, it includes slight bruising and swelling at the recipient area. But all of these are temporary side effects and will disappear gradually on following the post-op instructions that are provided by the surgeon.
  8. It is a time-consuming procedure– Normally any experienced surgeon will take about 2 to 5 hours to complete the entire process as the time depends on the extent of the area needs to be covered and the desired density of the beard.
  9. Major confidence booster– The people who have already undergone this procedure will remarkably experience an increased level of confidence and self-esteem after acquiring the entire result.
  10. It’s hard to become a beard donor– Different men have a different type of beard. Due to this reason, it isn’t easy to find a beard hair donor. So surgeons may find it easier to perform the procedure for people who have some extra hair.

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