5 Factors That Contribute to a Failed Hair Transplant

The hair transplant procedure is the only practical way if you want to restore the desired amount of hair on a bald scalp. But everyone is considered as a suitable candidate for undergoing such a restorative hair procedure as numerous factors must be considered. So if you are preparing to undergo a hair transplant procedure, the first thing that you must do is educate yourself about the process and consult with an experienced hair surgeon who can render you complete information about the risks and difficulties that are associated with the procedure.

Factors that contribute to a bad hair transplant 

To get a clear idea about the factors that might contribute to a wrong hair transplant procedure, have a look at the factors discussed below-

  1. The lack of experience of the surgeon– A hair transplant is a very meticulous procedure which makes it mandatory to choose a proficient surgeon who holds several years of experience in this field. Now if you pick an inexperienced surgeon, then there are high chances that certain things can go wrong and can create a significant impact on the entire hair transplantation procedure. An inexperienced hair surgeon may make mistakes while selecting a potential donor area for graft extraction. Now if the grafts are extracted from a balding prone area, then the results will be compromised, and the newly transplanted grafts might also fall out immediately after the procedure.
  2. Absence of proper post-op care– After undergoing a successful hair transplant procedure, it is extremely crucial to follow the post-op instructions that are provided by the surgeon immediately after undergoing a hair transplant procedure. It has been observed that after undergoing a hair transplant procedure, most of the patients experience some amount of scabbing around the newly transplanted hair grafts. Too much of scabbing can adversely affect the survival of the grafts and will hamper the outcome of the procedure. So it is also needed to maintain proper hygiene which may otherwise give rise to some nasty infections. 
  3. Not being an ideal candidate for the hair transplant procedure– Hair transplant is a life-changing procedure when it comes to restoring hair to the balding areas of the scalp and accomplishing the most natural appearance. But before even deciding to undergo such a surgical procedure, it is imperative to know if you are an ideal candidate to withstand a hair transplant process. So you must provide your detailed medical history to your hair surgeon and be honest if you have any underlying chronic diseases. Before experiencing the procedure, the hair surgeons generally conducts a medical examination that consists of different tests and unique methods to know if you are the right candidate for undergoing the restorative procedure.
  4. Dishonest Hair Transplant clinics– The sad fact of life is that not all the people working in the medical community are excellent and honest. Most of the times, it is not easy to find out a reliable clinic, so you should always examine the credibility of the medical clinic before booking an appointment there. It would be best if you analyze the essential certificates and qualifications of the surgeon you are choosing. Apart from that, it also a great option to ask for a reference from friends and family whom you trust. These references can be contacted based on the kind of experience your friend or family had while they endured a hair transplant procedure.
  5. Misunderstanding the Hair Transplant surgery– It is incredibly crucial to get a clear perception of the Hair Transplant procedure and be aware of the fact that the process consists of multiple steps. This will allow individuals to understand that the surgery is just the first part of the procedure, and the post-op care is the second phase of the treatment. So it essential to set a legit expectation about the process and clear out all the doubts that you have. All of this will help you to set your expectations and avoid the undesired result.

Now that you know all the factors that might hamper the outcome of the procedure, you need to find an experienced hair surgeon who can help to accomplish the most desired natural appearing result. Are you trying to find one in or near Jaipur? Well then ALCS clinic can be your best choice where one of the best hair surgeons Dr. Sunil Arora offers the most desirable hair procedure at the most affordable price range.

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