Can Breast Reduction Really Be Scarless?

Breast reduction is highly considered to be one of the safest and successful methods to reduce the cup size of the breasts.

The procedure also involves the lifting of nipples to a correct and natural placement on the bosom area while creating proportional areolas accordingly.

The surgical procedure of breast reduction can be cosmetic or reconstructive in nature, and oftentimes it can be a perfect blend of both. There are numerous causes and reasons as to why a woman decides to undergo a breast reduction surgery.

The primary reasons can range from reducing the back, neck and shoulder pain or any other skin irritation which might be a result of some moisture retention.

There are many women who also complain about the notches and indentations that bra straps leave on their shoulders due to heavy breast weight. 

Most people wonder whether the procedure of breast reduction can be scarless or not. Well, the genuine depiction is that there is no such thing as “scarless” surgical procedure of any kind or form.

However, certain measures and standards can be taken to avoid the scars as much as possible but to go completely astray about the scarless procedures will not be the smartest thing to do. 

Eventually, with proper heed and care, the scars can be concealed and become invisible to the naked eye. There are innumerable ways which can help in speeding up the recovery of your bruises and scars so that the appearance and visibility of them can be minimized to a much greater extent.

Nonetheless, the misapprehension of scarless surgical procedures must be broken to avoid any false expectations from the surgery.

  • Time to bust the myth of scarless surgeries

Regardless of any surgical technique which your surgeon performs on you, be it an augmentation process, breast lift, breast reduction, implant removal, it will leave some scars or bruises on your skin which can definitely be reduced and minimized, but the existence of marks cannot be completely gone.

While performing any type of surgery, the surgeon will have to make incisions of some kind, which will result in the appearance of scars or wounds on different parts of the body.

There is no such thing as scarless surgeries; however, the scars can become mere fine lines on your skin when performed by mastered and highly skilled doctors.

At ALCS in Jaipur, India, we ensure to use latest and advanced pieces of equipment and tools to perform the surgery so that the visibility can be minimized and the effectiveness of the procedure can be maintained at the same time.

  • Your scars are your uniqueness which you have to carry throughout

Even after working with the most high-end and cutting-edge techniques and tools, the surgeons cannot guarantee a scarless skin after your surgery. Your body is different and can react in a different way to certain factors and medications used during the procedure.

Right from your skin elasticity to your age, skin type, length, density, depth, etc., everything is considered and evaluated. Each person has a different tendency to react, scar or get affected before and after the treatment. 

Usually, the scars fade away with the passing time, when cared properly and regularly. However, if you are not ready to take good care of your bruises, then their presence on your body will become more prominent each day.

  • Help your scars to heal quickly

Active scar maintenance is the best approach to minimize the visibility of your scars. There are multiple factors and safety measures that you need to follow in order to eliminate the presence of scars from your body.

Many such measures include direct sun exposure of your skin, applying sunscreen and vitamin-e creams when stepping out of the house, etc. 

Today we have Aesthetic medical technology to treat scars and bruises of any kind. Several treatments and procedure are there that help in minimizing scars from the body and gives a speedy recovery to your cuts and bruises.

Laser treatments, vascular laser treatments and other high-tech techniques have opened many doors for people to have a scar-free body. These techniques address scarring, stretch marks, spider veins, uneven skin tone and cuts on your body and perform effective procedures to get rid of all of that.

  • Take the big step today

If you want to acquire a comprehensive understanding of breast reductions surgeries, scar treatments and other skin care treatments and services, you can schedule an appointment at ALCS in Jaipur, India with Dr. Sunil Arora who can assist you in the best possible manner.

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