Do Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty) Hurt

The thought of getting your nose shaped as per your desire is exciting. An adequately shaped chiselled nose can give you a new level of self-confidence. In addition, getting a nose in accordance with the other features of your face can significantly impact your overall look. However, many surgeons ask is nose surgery painful. 

For those looking forward to nose surgery, it is common to have some queries and misunderstandings. If you have never had nose surgery, there are many things you need to know and understand. Here we have given an overview of the general queries to understand the details of the surgery better, is nose surgery painful, how to deal with the pain and minimise it, the extent of the pain and much more.

Your doctor can perform several nose procedures to correct the shape of the nose. One of the common types is an open rhinoplasty. It is done with the help of a small incision between the nostrils which allows the surgeon to remove the skin from the substructures and adjust the cartilage beneath the layers. The skin is then laid back properly to reshape the nose. 

Open rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure. You can return to your home by the afternoon and gradually recover and heal in your place after having the surgery in the morning. Anaesthesia is used during the surgery, and the doctor carries on with the surgery. Till this point of rhinoplasty painful experience is nearly zero due to the effect of anaesthesia.

After this step, the patient asks, is rhinoplasty painful? The patient wants clear information about what happens during the surgery and how they would feel after it in the following hours, days and weeks. It is vital to have clear goals and expectations about the surgery steps, recovery and extent of rhinoplasty hurt. 

Is the recovery from rhinoplasty painful?

While recovering from the nose job, you might feel some rhinoplasty pain, bruising, swelling and slight bleeding from the nose. Many patients ask is a nose job painful and are scared of how much rhinoplasty hurts. While discussing the procedure’s recovery, how much is rhinoplasty painful is the parameter?

The first thing you would experience after waking up from the surgery with decreasing effect of the anaesthesia used is congestion of the nose. It would result in breathing from the mouth. It would happen for a few days after the surgery. Similarly, you would face problems smelling and feeling a slight pressure on your temples and forehead. It would feel like an extreme nasal condition for the initial days.

After the surgery, you will observe some packing layers on your nose with vaseline and gauze. It might worsen the congestion but eventually slide out by the next day. It helps to minimise the nose job painful experience. The package is removed 24 hours after the surgery, and you will feel much better with easy breathing.

How to reduce rhinoplasty pain?

It is just a myth that a nose job is a painful experience. Some patients face tenderness and slight pain due to congestion and sinus issues. The surgeon would discuss how to manage the pain management options and give medications to deal with it. Make sure to clear all your queries related to the procedure. In many cases, prescription medicines are not even required, and only over-the-counter creams are sufficient to tackle the discomfort.

Another problem that the patient might face is nasal congestion. It is suggested to keep your head in an elevated position for the first few days. It helps in faster recovery and normal breathing. You can also purchase a humidifier to be kept beside your bed while you are recovering. It would soothe the nasal passage and prevent the throat from drying due to breathing from the mouth in the initial days.

Is nose surgery painful?

Your experience of rhinoplasty pain depends majorly on the choice of surgeon. Always opt for a well-trained and experienced surgeon. The surgeon would beforehand tell you about the kind of results to expect from the procedure, the extent of rhinoplasty pain you would experience, recovery, etc., and suggest all possible ways to ensure you have experienced minimal discomfort. If you have further queries about whether nose surgery is painful and how much does rhinoplasty hurt, feel free to have a clear one-to-one discussion with your doctor, who will clear all your doubts.

Rhinoplasty is ultimately an experience to enhance your features. Hence it would help if you went forward with it with confidence and joy. Do not let worries such as rhinoplasty painful get in the way. Talk to your surgeon and clear all your doubts. Book an appointment now at the ALCS clinic and get one of the most effective and safe rhinoplasty surgeries done. Contact us directly for more details.

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