Does Gynecomastia Go Away?

Gynecomastia is such a condition that involves the enlargement of the glandular breast tissues in boys or men caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. This is such a condition that can affect men of any age.

Gynecomastia is a prevalent condition for teenagers who are passing through their puberty. However, this condition resolves on its own by the time they reach the age of 21.

Adult males who have been suffering from Gynecomastia are rarely able to get rid of this condition independently. In most cases, dieting, medications, and work out may not even work.

One of the leading causes of gynecomastia are hormonal imbalances, steroids, use of marijuana, or some types of medication may not be enough. The worst part is, gynecomastia can affect only one or both the breast, and sometimes it may even end up being uneven.

Most adult men who have been suffering from gynecomastia end up feeling helpless about their condition and seek professional help to get rid of their condition.

Generally, gynecomastia is not a severe condition, but it may give rise to some psychological condition. People who cannot get rid of their condition may need to take medication or may also need to undergo a surgical process.

Men mostly suffer from two types of enlarged breast conditions; one occurs due to fatty tissues, which may improve weight loss and even exercise.

However, people suffering from actual gynecomastia mostly find excess fibrous breast tissues, which will not improve with exercise or diet. The only way to get rid of this condition is by undergoing a surgical process.

Still, before deciding to undergo a surgical process, it is essential to get in touch with an experienced professional. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon will not only get rid of all the extra glandular breast tissues, but they will also remove the extra fat content through liposuction.

Exploring your surgical options

Option 1- Liposuction

Liposuction is a straightforward procedure that involves the least recovery time as the doctors usually make a small incision in the chest area. Then the doctor inserts a small cannula within the liquefied fat deposit, which is suctioned out of the body. People who have been suffering from pseudo-gynecomastia (breast enlargement due to fatty tissues) get benefited by this procedure. 

Option 2- Surgical Excision

Men who have been suffering from severe gynecomastia cases will need to undergo a complete breast reduction process through tissue extraction and skin removal. In this process, the surgeon first cuts out an incision around the areola and surgically excised out some of the glandular breast tissues, fat and even some skin to deliver a contoured chest.

How to treat Gynecomastia?

People suffering from persistent Gynecomastia need to undergo a breast reduction surgery that is a proven method for permanently getting rid of the enlarged male breast.

Various techniques are used to address different types of gynecomastia, and some of them are mentioned below-

Type 1– When men consist of excess breast tissue under the nipple or the areolar region, the lateral fold in the chest becomes tight and straight.

Type 2– Extension of the breast tissues over the chest fold where the lateral chest fold is tight and rounded.

Type 3– Breast tissue extends into the axilla, and the lateral chest fold starts to sag horizontally.

Type 4– The breast tissue extends up to the axilla where the lateral chest fold ends up being a small breast roll in the armpit.

Type 5– The breast tissue extends in the axilla

Causes of gynecomastia

There are tons of speculations that may trigger gynecomastia, and some of the most common ones include hormonal imbalance where too much estrogen is produced.

This is a prevalent condition for adolescents, and that can smoothly go away within a couple of years. However, there are also some other additional causes of gynecomastia, and they are-

  • Presence of excess body fat
  • Anabolic steroid usage
  • Use of excessive marijuana
  • An unavoidable side effect of medication
  • Some medical conditions

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