Female Hair Transplant – An Effective Treatment for Balding

Hair loss can be mortifying for both men and women. But for women hair loss is even more devastating due to the stereotype society belief. According to several research reports, approximately one-third of the total women experience hair loss (Alopecia) at some time in their lives, and most of them end up suffering from hair thinning or bald spots. 

The central concept of hair fall in women is similar to that of the men, which is famous as Androgenetic Alopecia or female pattern baldness. Androgenetic Alopecia mostly begins with thinning at the hair part lines, which is followed by diffused hair loss at the top of the head. Complete baldness in women is very rare. Numerous potential factors contribute to hair loss in females like the side effect of medications, menopause, thyroid, chemotherapy, iron deficiency, emotional stress and several other factors.

But with the progress of medical science and technology, now women will no more have to deal with this balding situation. The hair loss expert knows that hair is an integral part of any woman. In this article, we will get a clear idea of how a woman can get back their lost confidence.

Female Hair Transplant

There is hardly any difference between a male and female hair transplant procedure. So just like any other hair restoration process, the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and then implanted to the recipient area of the scalp. The specific hair transplant technique used for women are selected depending on the type of hair loss experienced by them.

However, as women have a different type of hair loss, so the surgeons become more careful and attentive while performing the procedure. Following are the FUE steps that are involved in a female hair transplant procedure-

  1. Harvesting the hair follicles– The grafts are harvested very carefully to protect the grafts and the donor area. Before preparing the recipient area, the grafts are well-preserved to avoid wastage. Generally, for women, the surgeons do not shave the scalp to prevent any undesired appearance.
  2. Transplanting the grafts– The main aim here is to accomplish the most natural appearance. So once the recipient area is ready, the grafts are implanted into the small incisions while maintaining a right angle and a specific direction based on the existing hair.
  3. After the procedure– Immediately after undergoing the process, it is evident for the patients to experience some amount of pain and discomfort. The patients are provided with a list of post-op instructions that must be followed to avoid any complications during the recovery period. After approximately three weeks of undergoing the procedure, the newly transplanted hair starts to fall out. However, new hairs will begin to grow after four months, and the final result will appear within a year.

Cost of Female Hair Transplant

The hair transplant surgery delivers guaranteed results for both men and women. However, the good news is it does not cost much, but its benefits are mind-blowing. Overall, the cost of a hair transplant procedure varies on several factors like the extent of baldness, the number of hair follicles required to extract from the donor area, the surgeon’s fees, the geographic location of the clinic and several other factors.

Advantages of undergoing a Female Hair Transplant procedure

  • It is a permanent hair loss treatment
  • The results are natural and permanent
  • The treatment is not very expensive
  • The recovery period involved is also concise
  • Minimum risks and side effects are associated with the FUE hair transplant procedure
  • Women can restore their confidence and beauty after undergoing this procedure

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