Five Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair Loss is a genuine problem that everyone experiences at some point in time. The perfect solution for hair loss has not yet been known even though the market is flooded with numerous products that claim to be very beneficial to resolve hair loss. So in this article, we will be discussing the five best natural remedies for hair loss that can prove out to be extremely beneficial for your hair.

Some common factors that trigger hair loss

It is believed that if you lose 80 to 100 hair strands a day, then you are experiencing an average or normal hair fall. But if you are experiencing a hair fall that is more than that, and your hair is refusing to grow back, then it is a severe problem that needs to be resolved.

So, the following mentioned are some of the most common factors that might be responsible for your hair loss:

  • Genetics– Genetics is one of the most common causes of hair fall that you cannot improve. If either of your parents experiences extreme hair fall, then there are chances that you will experience that too.
  • Hormonal Imbalance– Our hormones affect our hair growth drastically, and some of the most significant indicators include menopause, hypo or hyperthyroid, pregnancy and even some birth control pills.
  • Stress– Due to the constant rat race that we try to keep up, most of the people always end up suffering from continuous pressure. Now stress can create a significant impact on your hair, and that may start falling off.
  • Medications– Certain medications like blood thinners, anti-depressants may give rise to some side effects like excessive hair loss.
  • Nutritional deficiency– People suffering from iron, protein or vitamin deficiency are most likely to lose excessive hair.
  • Immunity– Hair loss can also appear as an early symptom of some auto-immune diseases.

Natural remedies for hair loss

Before the market was flooded with all the readymade products to lessen hair fall, some natural remedies proved out to be very helpful for reducing hair fall naturally. Thousands of years of research gave rise to five natural resources for hair loss. Out of all the most popular hair loss remedies, the following mentioned are some of the most effective natural solutions for hair loss-

  1. Liquorice- Liquorice can efficiently help to soothe out an irritated scalp and also ease severe scalp conditions like dandruff. It can also help to open up clogged pores and strengthen the hair follicles. There are plenty of products that contain liquorice-like shampoos and even ointments, but it can also be prepared at home. If a small amount of Liquorice root is mixed with milk and applied on the scalp for 2 to 3 times a week, then it can dramatically help to reduce hair fall.
  2. Coconut Oil- This is an age-old natural remedy that has always proved itself as the best solution for hair loss. Coconut oil is rich in Lauric acid and antioxidant that helps in binding the protein content in the hair, protects the hair roots and prevents it from breakage. The antioxidant content in it supports healthy hair growth.
  3. Aloe Vera- Aloe vera is beneficial for skin and also shows excellent effect against hair fall by soothing out the scalp and removing the sebum that might obstruct the growth of the hair follicles. 
  4. Fish Oil- Fish oil is exceptionally high in healthy fats like Omega-3, which is also considered to have some exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it can also boost up the hair growth by opening up the follicles.
  5. Ginseng– Another prevalent herbal remedy is Ginseng that is quite popular for its potency across several conditions as it can noticeably strengthen the hair follicles. Due to the presence of saponins, it can inhibit the 5a reductase, which is one of the prominent reasons for hair loss in men.

Even though natural hair fall remedies can prove out to be very beneficial, but it is always recommended to consult with an expert. It is only a professional and experienced cosmetic surgeon who can help to diagnose the precise cause and provide appropriate treatment. If you want to reach out to such an expert near Jaipur, then ALCS clinic can be the best option where Dr Sunil Arora offers the best guidance regarding hair loss.

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