Hair Transplant at Low Cost by FUT and FUE by Dr. Sunil Arora

It is a very big worry for a man or a woman to suffer from excessive hair loss. And you can relate to this statement to a deeper level if you are in a similar situation. And if you are currently going through this then it is rather definite that you will also be looking for some treatment options. According to experts, one of the best treatment options, in this case, is to opt for the best hair transplant procedure. There are also two different types of hair transplantation techniques. And those two different types of techniques that can be used for extracting hair follicles during hair transplantation surgery are mentioned below.



  • Follicular Unit Excision or FUE Hair Transplant
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT Hair Transplant

Both of these techniques or methods are similar in regards that they are able to give natural-looking results to the individual who goes through these procedures. The processes that are followed for implanting the hair follicles in both these techniques are identical. The medical expert proceeds to artistically place each follicular graft on the recipient area or the area of the scalp where the excessive hair fall is occurring.


However, the primary difference that exists between these techniques is in terms of the processes that are followed to extract the hair follicles from the donor area or the back of the head of an individual. There are also some smaller differences that exist between these techniques. Hence, it is important for a medical expert to keep all those differences in mind and only select the best hair transplant technique for the individual who is seeking this treatment.


The Process of Extracting the Hair Follicles


When it comes to the process of hair follicle extraction in an FUE hair transplant then, the first thing that an individual needs to know is that all hair follicles are extracted individually. This is only done with the help of some sort of minimally invasive technology. This process can be rather long and depending on every single case, the time for this process could range anywhere from one to four hours.


On the other hand, the extraction for a FUT hair transplant is done by simply removing all the required hairs from the donor area in a single, quick, and simple process. This process takes around 15 to 30 minutes to complete. After that, the medical expert proceeds to prep the hair follicles for implantation on the recipient area.


In both of these techniques, only those hair follicles are used for implantation that has the best or highest chances of survival. This step plays a lot of importance in affecting the final results of hair transplant surgery. If you are an individual who wants to get a hair transplant done then it is also important for you to learn about the hair transplant surgery cost before getting the procedure done.


The Preparation of Hair Follicles for Implantation


Once the hair follicles are extracted then, those hair follicles are efficiently prepped before being used in a hair transplant procedure. In the best hair transplant centers, highly trained and skilled technicians usually prep those hair follicles with the help of a high-powered stereo microscope.


After that, the trained and skilled technician also makes sure to keep the selected hair follicles in an optimal condition until the hair transplant procedure can take place. This helps in improving the final results of the hair transplant.


The Process of Implanting the Hair Follicles


Once the hair follicular grafts are ready then, a small incision is made on the recipient area or the area where the individual is experiencing excessive hair loss. This is done to ensure provide the individual with a natural-looking head full of hairs. It is important to also remember that the implantation process of hair follicles is the same for follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation.


To further increase the naturalness of the final results, density, volume, and coverage of hairs in the thinning or recipient area, we at ALCS Clinic make sure to use all our experience, expertise, and skills to only make the best decisions for all our patients.


What Can You Expect?


Both follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation are relatively simple procedures. However, there are still many concerns that can plague an individual who is planning to get one of these procedures done. And the two most prominent concerns are regarding scarring and the hair transplant cost.


These concerns could remain in the mind of that individual even after getting the best team of medical experts to carry out the hair transplant procedure. This is why we have dedicated separate sections for both those concerns so that an individual can have a better idea of what to expect and what not to expect during a hair transplant. Those sections are mentioned below.


The Issue of Scarring


Thankfully, an FUE procedure does not require any sort of stitches. On top of that, the extraction sites are also rather small in size. All this simply equates to almost no sign of stitches. Further, if there are some small stitches then those stitches can easily be concealed with the help of neighboring hairs that might be longer in length. These scars also heal on their own within three to seven days. However, it is important to remember that the FUE procedure is usually only preferred by individuals who wish to wear their hairs in a shorter hairstyle.


The FUE procedure also requires the medical experts to shave off the recipient area a little bit. And if you plan on wearing your hairs in longer hairstyles then the FUT procedure would be a better option for you. Sadly, the hair follicle grafts that are used in the FUT procedure leave scars at the back of the head. This is why if an individual wishes to wear his or her hair in a longer hairstyle then these scars can be easily hidden.


The Concern of the Total Cost


It must be quite obvious from everything that has been discussed until now that the FUE procedure requires both more time and effort than a FUT procedure. This is why the overall hair transplant cost of an FUE would be more than that of a FUT.


There are also various factors that can have an effect on the total cost of a hair transplant procedure. This is why if you wish to get a hair transplant done then it is suggested that you should directly approach a hair transplant clinic near you to get an estimate of the final cost.


Making the Final Decision Regarding the Hair Transplant


When it comes to hair transplant procedures then you mainly have two options. You could either opt for a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both of these methods are suited for different individuals and requirements. This is why it is best for you to directly approach a cosmetic surgeon and proceed from there regarding the kind of hair transplant procedure that would be ideal for you.


Your cosmetic surgeon would keep various points in his or her mind like the quality of the donor hairs that are available, the quantity of the donor hairs available, the size of the recipient area, exact hair loss classification, and the final results that you desire.


At the end of the day, it is important for you to remember that there is no single technique that is perfectly suited for an individual. This is why it is important to have an open and frank conversation with the best cosmetic surgeon regarding the hair transplant procedure and the kind of final results one wishes to achieve.