Handling mega session hair transplant

Mega session hair transplant is often used as a hair transplant lingo. However, patients are not sure of the meaning and the suitability of this procedure. Therefore, before opting for this procedure, you must know its meaning, eligibility criteria, requirement, and why you can choose this procedure.

A mega session hair transplant is a procedure to graft more than 2,500 hair follicles in a sitting. However, the definition of this term has changed over the years. Before the 90s, if hair transplant surgeons used to move more than 1,500 hair grafts in a sitting, they used to call it a mega session. But with improved technology, a mega session can now move up to 4,000 grafts in a single session. It depends on the skill and expertise of the hair transplant team. If the team has more members, you may expect better results. Moreover, a mega session also requires dense packing. It is a process to implant large hair follicles over a small area, thus creating a lush and natural look.

How to know if you require a mega session?

You can know your suitability by seeking expert advice on mega session hair transplants. As everyone does not require these sessions, you must check your suitability for this hair transplant surgery. However, if you have encountered advanced hair loss, you may choose this hair restoration process. Before performing a mega session on your scalp, hair transplant surgeons diagnose your scalp condition. They look at the availability of donor hair and the extent of baldness. If you want dense hair on your scalp, you will require more grafts per session. But the decision of the graft requirement depends on your surgeon. If you and your surgeon decide to implant more grafts, you may expect a rise in hair implants cost.

Once you have decided to undergo a mega session, you must follow its protocol. Let us understand the procedure in detail.

You must be well-informed about the procedure to get the best results. Try to read various online and offline sources on mega session hair transplants. Moreover, get a rough idea of the hair transplant cost. As you have to sit for long hours during the transplant, be prepared for it. You may have to sit for 6-7 hours during the FUE hair transplant treatment. If you and your surgeon have decided to move more than 2,500 grafts in a single sitting, you may require 4-7 specialists for the procedure.

Furthermore, the procedure requires sedatives and local anaesthesia. In addition, you must prepare yourself physically and mentally to sit for long hours during the treatment. Your surgeon requires advanced technical skills and expertise to perform the transplant. You and your surgeon must be fully prepared before undergoing a mega session.

It is pretty easy to understand that you must undergo initial consultation rounds before mega sessions or FUE hair transplant. The initial discussion with your hair transplant surgeon clarifies the process and helps you understand your requirements. In addition, you must perform a background check on the selected clinic to know if they have the experience to conduct mega sessions. If you doubt the doctor’s credibility and claims, you may opt for a second opinion at another clinic.

It is crucial to monitor your health status at different times during the treatment. Therefore, you must trust an experienced surgeon and their team for your treatment. If you want to look for one of the best hair transplant surgeons, you may contact Dr. Sunil Arora.

Which approach do I consider?

Another debate around the efficiency of a mega session is which hair transplant procedure provides better results. Which approach can you choose to get better results? You may try Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) for the procedure. In FUE, your hair transplant surgeon plucks one hair at a time and grafts them at the bald area. Similarly, in FUT, the surgeon extracts a strip of your skin and segregates it into different parts for grafting.

The FUT procedure creates a linear scar and leads to minimal damage to your head. Moreover, this procedure removes more grafts in a short time. Therefore, you can choose FUT for mega session hair transplant surgery. During initial consultations, remember to discuss the hair transplant price with respect to the procedure with your hair surgeon.

A successful mega session changes the way you look. You may feel more confident after undergoing the procedure. Moreover, you do not need to rest for prolonged periods after the treatment. You may resume your work in a day or two. However, to get better results, make informed choices before undergoing the procedure.

A hair transplant can make or break your overall appearance. If you want to get the best services without compromising your looks, you may try ALCS Clinic. We provide one of the best hair transplant solutions in India.

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