How Common Is Gynecomastia?

Is gynecomastia common? It is one of the common questions that come to the mind of men with gynecomastia. They may wonder, “How common is gynecomastia in men?”

Let us talk about gynecomastia and its causes to develop a better understanding of this condition.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes swelling in the breast tissues of older men and teenagers. As a result, the chest becomes bulky, and you may feel awkward because of the overgrown chest.

Signs of gynecomastia 

The signs of gynecomastia vary. For example, some males feel a bulge in their nipple area, whereas others observe a noticeable change in their breast area.

In addition, gynecomastia can affect both chests, and you may feel pain and tenderness in the chest region.

Most common causes of gynecomastia

The most common causes of gynecomastia include:

  • Hormonal imbalance

An imbalance in testosterone and oestrogen levels cause swelling in your chest region. Men usually have a higher secretion of testosterone hormone and a little secretion of oestrogen hormone.

A higher testosterone level restricts the breast tissues from growing. Therefore, if there is a change in this hormone, you may witness swelling and enlargement of breast tissue.

  • Obesity

Obesity changes the flow of the oestrogen hormone, which may cause swelling in the breast tissue. Moreover, being overweight increases the chances of developing fatty tissues in the chest region.

Some people may experience a change in their condition after following a strict diet plan and weight management techniques. However, if exercise and diet do not provide any results, you may undergo gynecomastia surgery.

  • Newborn baby boys

Gynecomastia may affect newborn baby boys because the oestrogen hormone passes from the mother’s placenta to the baby. However, it is a temporary condition, and you may see changes in the baby’s condition in a few weeks.

  • Puberty

Teenage boys experience a change in their hormone levels during puberty. If their body produces less testosterone and more oestrogen during this period, they may experience development in their breast tissues.

However, this condition might get treated on its own. As the hormone stabilises, teenage boys encounter a reduction in their enlarged breasts.

  • Older age

Older men have more fat deposits in their bodies. Moreover, as they grow old, they experience a reduction in testosterone levels. These changes cause swelling in the breast tissues.

  • Other causes

The other causes of gynecomastia include:

  • Medicinal side effects
  • Taking illegal drugs
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver disease
  • Genetic disorders
  • Lumps or infections in the testicles

Gynecomastia may develop due to the reasons mentioned above. If you think you have any of the above-stated causes, you can contact Dr. Sunil Arora for male breast reduction surgery. Moreover, you can also contact him to understand if gynecomastia is common.

Health conditions and gynecomastia 

Gynecomastia can result from underlying conditions like Klinefelter syndrome, hyperthyroidism, liver problems, kidney failure, and pituitary insufficiency.

Moreover, if you have undergone radiation treatment for testicular tumours, you may develop gynecomastia. It also results from a drop in hormonal levels.

In some rare cases, it is caused by the overuse of tea tree oil or lavender oil. It is because these oils can have an estrogen-like effect on male bodies, causing gynecomastia.

If your mind races towards a standard question, “Is gyno common?” you need to understand that it can affect any male due to multiple reasons.

Therefore, you must consult a doctor for regular hormonal checkups. Moreover, you need to maintain your ideal body weight.

Treatments for gynecomastia 

If you feel that you might develop gynecomastia, you must visit a cosmetic surgeon. They may suggest two ways to remove overgrown breast tissues.

  • An operation to remove over-developed tissues
  • Medications to control hormonal imbalance

However, a surgeon tries to control gynecomastia through traditional treatment. There is no need to undergo surgery if your gynecomastia responds to diet control and exercise.

The need for surgery arises when the overgrown breast tissues do not get controlled through diet and exercise.

Gynecomastia may cause emotional and mental distress in a man’s life. Moreover, it can affect the self-confidence of teenage boys, adults, and older men.

Most teenage boys suffering from gynecomastia may question their self-worth. They are faced with constant doubts, “Is gyno common, or only I have to face this condition?” Although there are no serious physical health concerns of this health condition, it can cause a physiological burden.

Gynecomastia is a common condition, and it affects almost 70% of teenage boys and adults. However, they see an improvement in their condition as the hormone starts to stabilise.

If you do not see any improvement, you can contact a cosmetic surgeon. Male breast reduction surgery is an excellent option to overcome gynecomastia.

If you want to learn about or share your experience on gynecomastia and how common it is, you can contact Dr. Sunil Arora. Dr. Arora is a renowned cosmetic surgeon and has treated multiple cases of gynecomastia.

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