How is Failed Hair Transplant Corrected?

Hair transplant is a boon to people who have been suffering from a significant loss of hair, partial or complete balding. In this procedure, the surgeon transfers hair follicles from the donor region to the scalp’s recipient area to cover up the balding area and accomplish the most natural appearance. But the result of the transplant varies from person to person. 

When a transplant procedure gives no result after 3-4 months in the receiver region, the procedure can be taken as a failed one. 

The reasons for hair transplant procedure getting failed are:

  1. Lack of expertise: One should keep in mind that he/she should not compromise on the surgeon’s qualifications and experience to get a cheaper deal on the procedure. An inexperienced surgeon may not be well aware of the correct techniques and procedures, thus exposing the patient to risks of scarring, infection, etc. resulting in lesser life of the transplanted hair. For example, if you are in Jaipur, you can go for Dr Sunil Arora of ACLS Clinic; he is an expert in hair transplant procedures.
  2. Not ideal hair follicles: If healthy hair follicles make the transplant, the transplant would be successful. Having dormant follicles would eventually lead to a failed transplant procedure.
  3. Insufficient post-surgical care: Post-op care is vital, and one should be careful to follow the surgeon’s instructions properly. Neglecting these instructions impacts the results of the transplant.
  4. Miscommunication: Patients should be informed that the results of hair transplant take time to be apparent. Before arriving at any conclusion regarding the transplant results, one should wait at least four months; that is the minimum time taken by the transplanted follicles to show regrowth. Proper communication with the doctor would be helpful.

Signs of a failed hair transplant are:

  • No sign of hair regrowth even after 3-4 months post-surgery.
  • Visible scars at recipient and donor regions of the scalp.
  • Lack of aesthetic look, regrown hair not blending or not matching the existing hair.
  • Badly structured hairline
  • Grafts not correctly placed, causing the incorrect direction of hair growth.
  • An unnatural look of the hair due to larger grafts was used.

Ways to correct the unwanted outcomes 

  1. Scalp revision: Scarring is a usual sign of a failed transplant. Usually, the scars caused by the transplant procedure fade and heal within 2-3months after the procedure. But if one finds the scars persisting, it indicates a failed transplant. The patient can go for a scalp revision or scalp pigmentation procedure. This can remove the scars on the scalp thoroughly, be it in a donor or recipient site.
  2. Restoration of the hairline: A bad hairline or a misconstrued hairline is also a result of the failed hair transplant procedure. If one is facing such an issue, he/she should consult an experienced surgeon about it. A skilled surgeon would restore the natural hairline by performing further grafting and transplants as a part of rectification.
  3. Extraction of wrong grafts: Inexperienced surgeons may perform a clumsy transplant of grafts. As a result, one may face issues like unnatural hairline, and disorganized grafts on the scalp. Such a situation can be rectified by extracting these grafts from the wrong locations and then further transplanting them in the correct spot, maintaining the hair’s natural direction. This correction would solve the issue of haphazard grafting, thus restoring the natural look of the patient.

The cost of rectification of a failed hair transplant depends on the kind of fixes one needs. For example, the cost of restoration of the hairline would be different from repairing the scars. Some of the expected correction treatments available are:

  • Combined repair
  • Graft excision
  • Camouflage
  • Hairline restoration
  • Scar repair

It varies as per the number of grafts needed or any other combined repair treatments required. The scar treatment during the repair is cheaper than removing the haphazard grafts and re-transplanting properly.

Such restorations are extensive and hence expensive too. The cost of restorative repairs varies from one clinic to another and on the surgeon performing the procedures.

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