How Safe Is A Tummy Tuck?

Anyone looking for a tummy tuck has a primary question in their minds, “How safe is a tummy tuck procedure?” and start looking online “Is it safe to get a tummy tuck?”. To put their minds at ease, the tummy tuck is considered one of the world’s most popular and lowest risk cosmetic surgeries. However, there are certain hazards associated with it. For example, pain ranging from mild to sometimes excruciating (often for 3-4 days), bleeding, slow healing of wounds, scarring, infection, numbness, etc. But these risks are dependent on various factors, mainly regarding the patient’s body, health and immune system. But the best plastic surgeons ensure your safety during the procedure, and the treatment can lower these risks.

Once you move past the question “Are tummy tucks safe?” This procedure can radically revamp your standard of living. People who have had excessive weight loss or women post-pregnancy tend to experience excess skin and stretch marks around their belly. The tummy tuck can resolve this issue.

But it is necessary to consult a doctor to understand more and seek an answer to ‘is tummy tuck safe for me?’ You may visit ALCS India or book an appointment with Dr Sunil Arora.

Identify The Benefits

The main benefit of tummy tuck is that people who go through it do it to make themselves feel better about their appearance. The primary purpose of tummy tuck is to tighten the loose skin and fascia and eliminate excess fat. 

Weak fascia and abdomen muscles also relate to a laid back posture. After the procedure, due to the tightening of fascia, the patients notice an improved posture. Weak belly muscles can also induce an abdominal hernia (because of the intestine pushing through the weak belly muscles), which a tummy tuck can prevent.

How Do You Prepare?

The first step to any surgery or treatment is to consult a doctor. So, book an appointment with a plastic surgeon to understand everything about the tummy tuck. The doctor takes the following steps before the surgery:

  • Review the patient’s medical history: To ensure that you are appropriate for a tummy tuck, the doctor will review your medical history to check whether you have any allergy, disease, medical condition or have had any past surgeries. You also need to mention any prescribed drugs or body supplements you are consuming. If the tummy tuck is associated with weight loss, the doctor may ask about the weight before and after the transformation.
  • Physical Exam: After reviewing your medical history, the doctor examines your skin and abdominal area to check if an issue could hinder the treatment.
  • Review the patient’s expectations: You can ask the doctor questions like “Is tummy tuck safe?” or “How safe is a tummy tuck?”. You may also talk to your doctor about what you expect from the tummy tuck, which can help the doctor describe the risk factors, benefits and safety.

Anyone can have a tummy tuck, but not everyone is an appropriate candidate for it. Only the doctor can evaluate the risks associated with it after reviewing the patient.

After The Procedure

The post-operative care team helps you move the same day after the surgery to prevent any blood clots. 

After the tummy tuck, you need to wear a dressing and an abdominal binder to provide abdominal support and prevent any fluid build-up. Tubes are inserted through the snicks for drainage of excess fluids. The after-surgery pain can be moderated with the help of medications. 

The patients often ask, “After the tummy tuck, is it safe to play sports”. The answer to that is no because you need to be careful with your movements not to stress the operated area. 

The doctor will also schedule your regular check-ups for your dressing and ensure that there is no development of any infection.


A tummy tuck removes excess fat and tightens your belly skin and fascia, providing you with a flat belly, resulting in a radically revamped appearance and posture. If you maintain your weight and focus on your diet, the tummy tuck can be long-lasting. 

It is advised that you consult a plastic surgeon that is comfortable with you asking the right questions and explains every aspect of a tummy tuck, including the benefits and the risks associated with it. 

To know more, do stop by the ALCS Clinic or book an appointment online with Dr Sunil Arora for a consultation.

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