How to Sleep After a Breast Augmentation or Mommy Makeover

Choosing to undergo a Breast Augmentation or a mommy makeover procedure is one of the most significant decisions that anyone can even take. Well, both the Breast Augmentation and Mommy Makeover procedures are surgical processes that must be undergone form an experienced cosmetic surgeon who holds several years of experience in this field. In case you stay in Jaipur and want to get in touch with one such experienced cosmetic surgeon, then Dr Sunil Arora from ALCS clinic in Jaipur can be the ideal one. He is one of the best and the most experienced cosmetic surgeons who holds several years of experience in this field and has been able to improve many people’s lives. But before diving into these procedures, it is essential to get explicit knowledge about these two cosmetic procedures. 

What is a Breast Augmentation procedure? 

Breast Augmentation is such a surgical method that involves enhancing the shape and size of the breast by inserting a silicone, saline or any other composite breast implant underneath the chest muscle or the breast tissue. Typically the implants last for about 7 to 12 years on average, and that needs to be replaced after that. But before undergoing surgery, the patients are asked to choose their desired size of the implant.

What is a Mummy Makeover procedure?

A mummy makeover is also a surgical procedure that most women undergo after being pregnant. This procedure involves removing all the excess skin and fat from the abdominal areas and then tightening the muscles. It is only a cosmetic surgeon who can suggest the best method for your health.

However, since both of these are surgical procedures, it includes some complications and side effects. Even though these cover a brief recovery period, it becomes extremely beneficial to follow instructions that are provided by the surgeon. So when it comes to recovery, it is incredibly essential for the patients to get plenty of sleep. But unfortunately, with swelling, new implants and the tight compression garment sleeping turns out to be an extremely challenging task. At the same time, the right amount of sleep is essential for the body to heal itself properly.

Following mentioned are some of the best ways that might help you to get better sleep after undergoing such procedures.

  1. Sleep in a recliner at first- After experiencing a mummy makeover or a breast augmentation procedure, the patients need to sleep with the upper half of the body elevated. They must make sure that the upper part of the body is kept elevated while sleeping as that reduces swelling and fluid accumulation to the treated area for the first couple of weeks. Additionally, sleeping in this position will also make it much easier to move the body from reclining to standing position, minimizing the strain that is produced on the upper body muscles and abdomen.
  2. Sleep on the back– Also, after using the recliner, patients can also start practising to sleep on their back as that is hugely beneficial for recovery after surgery. It prevents the excessive pressure created on the chest and abdomen. Some patients may even find it helpful to sleep with pillows under each of their arms to restrict their movement like tossing or turning over or rolling over their stomach.
  3. Wearing supportive garments while sleeping- Wearing a compression garment overnight is exceptionally beneficial to reduce swelling, ease out the pressure created on the incisions and also to protect the treated areas to ensure a smooth and even result. The patients must keep wearing these compression garments until their surgeon instructs them to do so.
  4. Avoid having sleep inhibitors– Certain drinks like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, can mostly create an impact on patients’ sleeping schedule. Such food habits can noticeably keep them away from sleep, and they must start having nutritious foods instead and keep their body hydrated.
  5. Make sufficient body movements– Even though it is essential to take plenty of rest, it is also necessary to make some body movements. Well, that does not include heavy or strenuous activities, but mild physical movements like walking. This highly reduces the chances of formation of a blood clot and also makes your body tie so that you can fall asleep more easily.

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