Is Hair Restoration The Best Option For Receiving Desired Hairline?

Everyone wants to look and feel pretty. Today, whether it’s women or men, everyone is too conscious and concerned about their physical appearance. Regarding beauty standards, our society considers having a healthy scalp and hair top. However, hair loss has become one of the major issues for all, from teenagers to adults. But the good thing is that advancement in science has led to various effective hair restoration techniques that help achieve fresh and natural-looking hair back. 

Hair restoration is a surgical procedure that involves hair replacement from the region of higher density and then implanting it into the desired area. The patient should have enough hair follicles and permanent roots at the donor site to make hair replacement possible. The main challenge of the hair transplant technique is not just conducting the surgery but also making it aesthetically appealing.  

Ways to treat hair loss 

People all over the world have one common problem, which is hair loss. Losing, on average, 50 hair in a day is common, but when the number exceeds that, it becomes a matter of concern. When people first experience hair loss they tend to opt for DIY remedies from cosmetic products available in the market. However, they are not found to be so effective. 

Besides that, people also look for short-term solutions such as wigs, extensions or extensions. Though it works for many, they call for high maintenance and regular replacement. Moreover, they can be expensive and still do not look natural. Apart from all these, people feel embarrassed and seek long-term and better options. 

There are various over-the-counter lotions and medications available to reduce hair loss. These prescribed drugs help to reduce hair loss and accelerate hair growth rate. These medications’ effects are undoubtedly positive but may only be transient. 

Therefore one of the most popular and effective treatment options for hair restoration is the hair transplant procedure. It provides permanent and natural-looking hairline restoration results. 

Hair transplant

A hair restoration procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries nowadays. For hair replacement, the hair follicle units are generally grafted from the side or back of the head. There are two types of techniques available; FUE and FUT hair transplant. 

In the FUT hair transplant technique, a strip containing hair follicles is extracted from the donor area and bisected in the lab. On the other hand, the FUE technique involves extracting individual units. 

There is another approach which involves the combination of both the FUT and FUE techniques. It is the most preferred option as it offers various benefits over the other two techniques. 

The donor area gets preserved for any future use. The FUE technique involves extracting 2000-2500 units individually. This amount is harvested in various sessions as it will lead to overharvesting. Thus, the combination of techniques is used even after extracting 4000 units; the donor area is still preserved for further use. Hence it is an ideal solution for those experiencing extreme or progressive baldness. The combination method ensures less graft damage as it uses the FUT technique. Hence the damage rate is around 1% with greater production of grafts. With the combined technique, 2 to 3 future multiple settings are possible.

The hair transplant’s permanence depends on the theory that donor hair is DHT resistant due to genetic malfunction and therefore remains the same even under androgenic factors. 

Principle of hairline restoration 

During the hair transplant, the hairline is created based on age, sex, facial profile, and specific needs. The surgeon performing the surgery should have surgical and aesthetic skills to create a natural-looking hairline. While creating a hairline, some guidelines need to be strictly followed, such as:

  • Right angulation: To get a natural hairline, all the hair follicles must be angled properly and accurately. The angles are generally just random. 
  • Proper hair graft placement: Apart from the angle, hair grafts should also be correct. The existing hair follicles are placed randomly in a zig-zag manner, so grafts should adhere to the same pattern. The linear pattern looks unnatural. 
  • Hair follicle selection based on hairline region: Each hair has four carefully chosen follicles. The front and temporal triangles need thin hair grafts, whereas thicker hair grafts are required for back rows. 

All these factors make it necessary to choose a reputable clinic and an experienced surgeon to get a hair transplant. Hair transplant in Jaipur is highly popular. However, out of many clinics available therefore are few that offer advanced treatment approaches. 

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