Is Hair Transplant Permanent and for How Long?

If you think of hair transplant and its results, what comes to your mind? Most often, people are faced with the question, “Is hair plantation permanent?” The answer is a yes! Hair transplant provides a natural-looking and near-permanent solution to baldness. 

Baldness is common in men and may hamper their looks at a young age. Poor lifestyle choices and genetic factors are the common reasons for hair fall in men.

However, women also suffer from hair loss, but their hair loss pattern is different from men. Women majorly get affected by hair thinning. If you want to opt for a hair transplant, you need to understand the procedure and how it will help you get a fuller appearance. 

Before undergoing a hair transplant, most people may think, “How permanent is a hair transplant?” Hair transplant provides a lasting result, but you need to remember that newly transplanted hair may fall off for six weeks after hair transplant.

However, after the fall off, you will experience hair growth on your scalp. Some people experience hair thinning after a few years of undergoing a transplant. In such cases, they may need a surgical ‘touch up’ to restore the lost hair and get a natural look. Some people may require multiple attempts to get full coverage on their scalp. 

Does a permanent hair transplant depend on the expertise of a doctor?

The expertise of your surgeon plays a crucial role in the success of a hair transplant procedure. You must choose a surgeon who has expertise in carrying hair transplantation surgeries.

Furthermore, they must hold an open discussion with you to understand your concerns. Helping you set realistic expectations from the surgery is also a part of their job. Moreover, an experienced surgeon will inform you about your suitability for the procedure. 

Having an experienced doctor by your side is not enough to fight baldness. In addition to being a professional doctor, you also require technologically advanced equipment for hair transplantation surgery. The combination of an experienced doctor and technology will determine the results and provide an answer to, “Is hair transplant permanent?”

What causes hair transplants to fail?

The major causes of a failed hair transplant are:

  • Surgeon’s inexperience
  • Carelessness in following postoperative tips
  • Hair characteristics
  • Hair density in the donor region
  • The severity of hair loss
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Dishonest practice in hair transplantation clinic
  • Non-suitability of candidate

In addition, a fault in hair extraction and implantation can damage the grafts. If you want information on “How long before hair grafts are permanent?” you may contact Dr. Sunil Arora at ALCS Clinic

What should be done for the hair transplant to last long?

You may experience some amount of hair fall in the initial weeks of hair transplant surgery. However, remember that it is temporary and will stop in a few days. After the initial hair loss, your hair will start growing in the usual manner.

You may experience hair growth between six to twelve months after undergoing a hair transplant. After fifteen months, you will get a natural-looking result. However, to set a realistic expectation, you must talk to your hair surgeon.

To improve the lifespan of your hair transplantation, you need to follow a strict postoperative hair care regime. Your after-surgery hair care tips will decide the effectiveness of hair transplantation surgery.

If you still worry about “Are hair transplants permanent?” you can contact Dr. Sunil Arora to discuss your concerns. 

How to ensure the effectiveness of hair transplantation?

To ensure the quality of your hair transplant, you can follow the below-mentioned lifestyle tips.

  • Smoking : If you want to get fuller hair growth, you must stop smoking. Smoking from a young age is linked to baldness. If you have undergone a hair transplant, it is recommended not to smoke for at least a year. Moreover, if you want dense hair growth in bald areas, quit smoking.
  • Adequate sleep : Proper rest is essential in your recovery period, and you must take at least eight hours of sleep. Quality sleep ensures that your scalp gets adequate blood circulation. Moreover, it helps in the development of new scalp tissues. In addition, proper rest during the night is essential to healing surgery scars.
  • Diabetes control : If you have undergone a hair transplant, it is essential to keep your blood sugar levels under control. It is because baldness is linked to diabetes. A high glucose level reduces testosterone levels, resulting in baldness. 

There are two critical techniques of hair transplantation, and surgery cost depends on the selected technique. If you want information on permanent hair transplant costs, you may contact ALCS Clinic. 

Hair transplantation is a viable option for extreme hair loss. Moreover, it provides a permanent solution for balding and hair thinning. However, it is essential to set a realistic expectation from the transplant procedure.

If you are confused about the effectiveness of hair transplant and think, “Is hair transplant permanent?” you can contact ALCS Clinic to resolve your doubts. 

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