Taking biotin for hair: is it worth it or not ?

What does biotin do for hair?

A significant part of the population faces hair fall issues once they have crossed the age of 30. Hair loss results in lower self-confidence in many people.

The hair loss issue can be tackled in multiple ways after understanding the root cause. Many people have resorted to biotin hair treatments and got significant visible results.

Each patient is unique because of the root cause behind their hair loss. Here, you will get information about the working action of biotin and its benefits for your hair and the conditions under which biotin is good for hair growth.

What is biotin?

Biotin is the common name for vitamin B7, earlier called vitamin H. It belongs to the group of vitamin B complexes that is popular for its skin, hair and nail benefits. Vitamin B complexes are also a metabolism booster and aid in converting carbohydrates and fats to energy.

Biotin is a critical component in the synthesis of amino acids. In addition, it plays a significant role in forming keratin, the hair protein. Hence, adding biotin to your diet can help you grow stronger and healthier hair and enhance the rate of hair growth.

Vitamin B7 is a water-soluble vitamin hence excess of it is passed out by the kidneys. Thus, biotin should be consumed on a daily basis as it cannot be stored in the body.

What causes hair loss?

The leading cause of hair loss in younger people is a lack of certain nutrients in their bodies. Other reasons are stress, hormonal imbalances and depression. However, they are mostly temporary and can be fixed with a healthy diet, supplements and controlling stress.

Hormonal imbalance diseases such as thyroid and ovarian disorders also result in hair loss. In such cases, try to bring the hormonal condition under control to decrease the effect of the disease on hair.

Biotin deficiency is a significant cause of hair loss in most cases. In rare cases, biotin deficiency can be hereditary too. People with alcoholic habits and pregnant women are at higher risks of biotin deficiency.

In some cases, even if you include an adequate amount of biotin, it may not get digested. The reasons behind it may be poor digestion and bad gut health. Poor gut health can lead to insufficient absorption of essential nutrients.

Thus, while trying to get to the root cause of your hair loss, check over your gastrointestinal health. Eating a well-balanced nutrient-rich food is of no use if it is not getting digested properly.

How much biotin for hair growth is required?

After understanding biotin benefits for hair, you should understand the optimum amount of biotin to be consumed. It is in the range of 30-100mg for adults. The requirement for biotin in pregnant women is higher. Food rich in biotin is a part of everyday diet. They are egg yolks, some fish and caviar (salmon, cod, roe, oyster, etc.), sweet potatoes, legumes and organ meat.

Does applying biotin on hair work?

Nowadays, multiple products containing biotin in their ingredients are considered the best biotin for hair growth. However, the benefits of applying the best biotin for hair growth results in the form of shampoos, serums, oils and masks have no evidence. In order to show its benefits, the biotin present should penetrate through the scalp and aid in protein synthesis.

However, over the counter products applied to the hair can generally not penetrate deep into the scalp. Thus, there are minimal results with the counter application.

Are there any biotin hair growth side effects?

A common question arises in a patient’s mind: Can biotin cause hair loss? There are rarely any cases of biotin hair growth side effects. It is an entirely safe vitamin, and an overdose of it rarely causes any complications. However, it can cause interference with other medications and their mechanisms. If you have any medical condition such as diabetes, seizures, high blood pressure, consult your doctor before using biotin for hair loss. Also, be careful with the damage. It can have side effects like upset stomach, acne, and allergic reaction.

Biotin for hair loss: How long to see results?

Natural hair growth is a time taking procedure. It can be accelerated by biotin hair treatment, but still, it would need sufficient time. It is usually seen that significant growth is visible in around 3 months. However, each patient and their case is unique, and it would need its own time to grow hair.

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