What are the different types of hair loss ?

What are the different types of hair loss or balding issues?

Every person, on average, loses 70 to 100 strands of hair every day, which is considered normal. However, hair loss is a condition in which the amount of hair loss is more than the growth. Nearly 80% of men and 50% of women suffer from different kinds of hair loss.

People think hair loss is just a male issue. But did you know the different types of balding that affect both men and women?

To treat hair loss, you must find out the cause first. Here is a list of the different types of hair fall along with their causes:

  • Hereditary hair fall or Androgenetic Alopecia

Out of the different types of balding, one of the most common ones is androgenetic alopecia, which is usually caused by genetics. Unfortunately, though, it is not yet discovered which genres affect hair. Hair loss is inherited from the mother more than the father. Hair fall occurs in men near the age of 30, while it occurs during menopause in women. 

In some cases, hair fall begins at an earlier age. Then, the hairline starts receding, and hair fall increases. With time, bald patches are visible on the head.

Androgenetic alopecia is caused due to an enzyme 5-alpha reductase. The enzyme enhances the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone which inhibits hair growth. 

Dihydrotestosterone makes the scalp’s surface harder and increases the transfer of sebum to the hair. As a result, it damages the follicle to the extent of a complete loss. 

Fortunately, the hair on the back of your head is immune to hair loss by this action. Hence, hair transplants can be performed using them. There are different types of hair transplant surgery, and the doctor would suggest the best-suited one as per your case. The different types of hairlines in males are usually due to androgenetic alopecia. Therefore, it is the most popular one among the different types of balding and hair loss.

  • What is diffuse alopecia?

When talking about the different types of balding and hair fall, people often talk about diffuse alopecia, in which the hair falls out completely from the head. It begins with the hair becoming thinner to the extent that it forms bald patches on the head. However, complete baldness is not seen. It affects both men and women.

There are several reasons behind hair fall. For instance, if the person has hyperthyroidism, the doctor would prescribe anti-hyperthyroid medicines which affect hair growth.

One of the causes for different types of hair fall is medications. It includes anticoagulants, chemotherapeutic agents, psychotropic drugs and contraceptives. While considering the causes behind hair loss, inform your doctor if the hair fall started after using any of the above-stated drugs. Then, the doctor would examine and change the medicines accordingly to avoid hair loss. 

Another cause of hair loss can be poor nutrition. For example, if your diet is deficient in iron and zinc, hair becomes dry and brittle. In addition, in the condition of anorexia, excess hair loss is observed. Thus, it is essential to maintain a nutritious and healthy diet.

  • Alopecia areata or circular hair loss

Another of the different types of hair fall is alopecia areata. In this condition, hair fall occurs from the entire body. As a result, a circular spot of baldness is seen. In extreme cases, the patient may have a complete hair loss.

The exact cause is not yet determined. However, it is generally considered that tissues around hair follicles get swollen due to an immune reaction and thus cause hair loss. It affects both males and females. It can occur after conditions such as pregnancy, trauma or severe illness.

Only some of the factors cueing circular hair loss have been identified. The most common causes are genetics and autoimmune disorder.

In some cases, it is caused due to emotional stress. Thus, circular hair baldness can be decreased by lowering stress levels. However, if the reason is genetics, much cannot be done.

  • Hair loss by scarring alopecia 

While talking about the different types of hair loss, you need to consider scarring alopecia. It is caused due to inflammation and occurs only in nearly 3% of people suffering from hair loss. It has three types: primary scarring alopecia, acquired primary alopecia and secondary scarring alopecia.

Their common symptom is that the hair is uneven, and the scalp is scarred.

Primary alopecia is genetically passed down or occurs due to incorrect development of hair follicles. Acquired primary alopecia results from an autoimmune reaction to certain skin reactions.

In secondary alopecia, hair loss is caused due to inflammations such as combustion, irradiation or fungal infection. Cortisone therapy is used for treatment. 

How to deal with hair loss?

There is not a fixed answer to dealing with hair loss. There are different types of hair loss treatments available on the market. Before going ahead with any treatment, consult a doctor to identify the root cause. Discuss the existing conditions and medication if they are causing hair fall. 

Consult a doctor immediately if you notice scarring and hair loss. The doctor would be able to control hair loss by cortisone treatment. 

Consider hair transplantation if the cause of hair fall is genetic. This procedure is effective in different types of male baldness and hair loss in women. 

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