Revision rhinoplasty, commonly referred to by people as “reverse rhinoplasty” or “secondary rhinoplasty”, is a frequently opted but complex cosmetic surgery.

As a result, there might be a chance of your cosmetic surgeon even refusing to perform this procedure. But why is revision rhinoplasty considered to be a complex procedure? Also, when would it be appropriate to perform this procedure? Let’s see.

What Is A Revision or Secondary Rhinoplasty?

In layman’s terms, revision rhinoplasty is performed when a patient has already had a rhinoplasty priorly and is going for it for the second time.

It might be possible that the patient has had this procedure multiple times before and is still going for it to further enhance their nose structure and overall appearance.

For structural support, this surgical procedure often requires cartilage for the bridge and tips of your nose. However, due to a deficit in the septum, the surgeon might take the cartilage from some other part of your body to make for it.

These other parts may be your ribs or ears. Along with cartilages, there might also be an irregularity of other soft tissues, which must be taken from other body parts.

For these soft tissues, the surgeons tend to favour your hairline. Sometimes, skin grafts are used to treat the scarring within the nose and reopen your narrowed airways. 

If you want a successful procedure with effective results, get in touch with the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon, as they would know exactly what body part to source a particular soft tissue for the best treatment.

Can A Weak Chin Be Fixed Without Surgery?

Simply put, yes. The cosmetic surgeon can fix your weak chin without surgery. If you want effective but safe results for your weak chin with the help of a non-invasive surgical procedure, dermal fillers are considered an excellent option.

That being said, if you want options that can provide you with permanent and more impactful results for your weak chin, chin implant surgery might be the move forward. 

When To Consider A Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery?

Sometimes, after you have had a rhinoplasty procedure, you still might not be satisfied with the results. For example, you might feel that the nose is too unproportionate or big, it might not be in balance with your face, or you may have difficulty breathing properly.

However, it might not be the fault of your surgeon as the recovery from surgery is not always in their control. 

Then there is another scenario where you might not have had realistic expectations that were not met by the surgery results the first time. 

You might not believe it, but rhinoplasty has quite a high revision rate.

Unfortunately, it means that a rhinoplasty patient might require revision surgery more often than you would imagine.

In fact, according to experts in the field, over 15% of rhinoplasty patients go for a revision in the near future for one of several reasons. 

Often, the cosmetic surgeon makes you aware that there is no guarantee for the success of rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic procedure for that matter.

It means that there might be a need for revision rhinoplasty in the future. But you might want to wait until you have completely recovered from the initial procedure. A hasty decision could cause damage to your nose. So don’t take revision rhinoplasty lightly. 

Why Is Revision Rhinoplasty Considered A Complex Procedure?

Revision rhinoplasty is considered one of the most complex cosmetic surgeries. There are several reasons for that, which are as follows:

  • Scar tissue from the prior rhinoplasty might limit the success of your revision rhinoplasty even after having a successful procedure. 
  • The revision surgery might require additional cartilages to replace those that are deficient or damaged. 

According to the experts, a revision rhinoplasty might not be able to rectify the deformities thrown up by the initial surgery. Also, there is a good chance that if you were dissatisfied with the initial surgery, you are not going to be satisfied with the revision either.  

Will My Revision Or Secondary Rhinoplasty Be Successful?

As mentioned earlier, this surgery is one of the most complicated cosmetic procedures. So the surgeon will not be able to guarantee if it will be successful or not. What we can suggest is that you keep your expectations with this surgery realistic. 

Why Choose ALCS India?

Are you looking for revision rhinoplasty? Then ALCS India might just be the place for you. Our team of some of the best revision rhinoplasty specialists, lead by Dr. Sunil Arora, has been responsible for thousands of successful rhinoplasty procedures to provide our patients with an enhanced appearance as well as improve the functional ability of their nose. 

Before the surgery, we provide our patients with a thorough consultation to discuss the procedure, its risk, and what they expect at the end. Also, the revision surgery might cost far more than the primary rhinoplasty. 

For the most effective results, consult with Dr. Sunil Arora at ALCS India, one of the top revision rhinoplasty surgeons. We will provide you with an attractive appearance and improve the functional ability of your nose. So book your consultation today!

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