Why More Men Are Turning Toward Hair Transplant

Recently, several stat reports declared that there had been a spike rise in the number of men who are opting for a hair transplant surgery to get relieved of their critical balding situation.

So such people who have been dealing with hair loss or hair thinning condition can choose to experience a hair transplant surgery that can help them restore hair for their balding condition. Well, hair transplant was not very popular initially, and only the top celebs were seen to undergo this process.

However, with the growing demand of this surgical process and its affordability, hair transplant is now one of the most popular surgeries that can help to restore their hair thinning or balding condition. 

Advancement of the hair transplant procedure

If you take a peep at the history of the hair transplant procedure, you will find this process has evolved over the years and is now of the most popular hair restoration techniques.

The popularity of hair restoration method is only because of the advancements in technology that the procedure had undergone. Also because now, undergoing a hair transplant process has now become a lot easier, affordable and hassle-free than it was before. 

At ALCS Jaipur clinic, we will provide you with the right and customized guidance that can help you to cure baldness or hair thinning condition in a mild or moderate state.

Most of the hair transplant techniques are performed under local anaesthesia to ensure that the patients feel comfortable while undergoing the surgical procedure. However, the two most popular hair transplant methods are-

Follicular Unit Transplant– In this FUT procedure, the surgeon first identifies the donor area of the scalp and then extracts a strip of skin and then closes the incision at the donor site. Next, this strip of skin is divided into smaller follicular units and finally transplanted to the donor area of the scalp. 

Follicular Unit Extraction– In the FUE hair transplant process, singular follicular units are extracted from the donor area by utilizing punching equipment. Finally, these extracted hair follicles are carefully grafted to the balding area of the scalp. 

Latest hair transplant techniques

Most of the latest hair transplant techniques are incredibly useful and involves minimal discomfort and downtime that helps to deliver the most natural appearance. 

Robotic hair transplant– This is an advanced hair transplant procedure that is performed similarly to that of the FUE hair transplant process. The Robotic hair transplant involves automatic extraction of the hair follicles from the donor area.

Not just extraction, but the robotic arm is also capable of selecting the donor site to execute a successful hair transplant procedure. It facilitates a very safe and painless extraction method without causing any damage to any of the extracted hair follicles.

However, to ensure the proper functioning of this robotic arm, it needs to be programmed by an efficient hair surgeon. 

Stem cell hair transplant- The stem cell technique is another most effective advanced FUE hair transplant method that involves extracting just a small piece of skin from the donor area that involves minimum significant scarring and least pain.

Finally, the hair follicles are carefully separated from the skin strip and then cultured in a laboratory environment to promote the growth of new hair follicles which are implanted to the recipient or balding area of the scalp. With the advent of such hair transplant technique, even people with limited donor hair can achieve their desired outcome.

Most natural-appearing result and minimum downtime

There is no doubt that hair transplant provides the most natural appearance, but for that, it is essential to get in touch with a skilled and proficient hair transplant surgeon like Dr Sunil Arora from ALCS, Jaipur.

It is only a professional and an experienced surgeon who can help you to accomplish the most desirable and natural hairline which cannot be distinguished from the existing hairline.

Since hair transplant is the least invasive procedure, so people can resume their normal activities within a few days after undergoing a hair transplant process. Additionally, it is essential to follow instructions that are provided by your surgeon to ensure a fast and safe recovery.

So if you feel inspired in experiencing a successful hair transplant process, then don’t hesitate to seek your appointment here at ALCS. 

ALCS Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Clinic, under the leadership of the internationally recognized Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Sunil Arora, specializes in hair restoration and cosmetic procedures. With a focus on quality, ALCS Clinic offers a range of Hair Transplantation and Cosmetic Surgery Services under one roof.

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