Superfoods to Eat in case You’re Experiencing Hair Loss

Wondering what to eat to stop hair fall immediately? With the dynamic lifestyle and unbalanced diet, knowing what to eat for hair growth has increased importance amongst the youth. Therefore, below we list the foods to eat for hair loss prevention.


Protein and biotin are the two nutrients that promote healthy hair growth, and eggs contain them in abundance. Hair follicles are mostly made of proteins. Hence, it is necessary to involve an adequate amount of protein in your diet. Conversely, lack of protein can lead to hair loss. In addition, biotin is vital for producing a hair protein known as keratin, and hence, biotin supplements are a favourite hair product.

According to research, biotin consumption can lead to hair growth in people who have less biotin. Eggs also contain zinc, selenium and other nutrients that benefit hair growth. Conversely, the deficiency of any of these nutrients can lead to hair loss. Thus, eggs are important food to eat for hair growth.


Berries contain high levels of compounds and vitamins. Hence, they are an excellent addition to your best diet for hair growth. Berries also have vitamin C that has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are vital for the protection of hair follicles from harmful free radical molecules. Unfortunately, these molecules are found in the environment and our bodies. Were you aware that a cup of strawberries can fulfil 141% of your daily vitamin C requirement?

Collagen strengthens hair and prevents it from getting brittle or breaking. Vitamin C is needed for the production of collagen. Importantly, vitamin C also plays a role in iron absorption. As we know, iron deficiency causes anaemia which can lead to hair loss. So, when you eat strawberries rich in vitamin C, you are helping your body produce collagen and absorb the iron that promotes hair growth.


Spinach is known as a healthy green vegetable. It contains folate, iron, vitamin A and C, which lead to healthy hair growth. Vitamin A is necessary for the skin glands to produce sebum. It is an oily substance that moisturises the scalp and keeps the hair healthy. A cup of spinach fulfils 54% of your vitamin A needs.

Since iron is needed for hair growth, spinach, a plant source of iron, can answer your question, what to eat for hair growth?

Fatty Fish

Fatty fishes like salmon, herring and mackerel have hair growth-promoting nutrients in them. Omega-three fatty acids are often linked to hair growth, and they are present in fatty fish. A study was conducted with 120 women, and the conclusion was that those consuming omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids with antioxidants had a better hair density and less hair loss.

Fish supplements increase hair growth and reduce hair loss. However, to make firm recommendations, health experts need more proven studies. Additionally, fatty fish have protein, selenium, vitamin D3 and B, which makes them a good answer for ‘what to eat to stop hair fall immediately?’ and related queries.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene. The body converts it into vitamin A which promotes the healthy growth of hair. If you eat a single sweet potato, you get almost four times the beta-carotene needed to produce the required vitamin A in a day. Vitamin A is found to encourage sebum production that keeps the hair healthy. Additionally, vitamin A can lead to faster growth of thicker hair while maintaining the other hair follicles.


Avocados are an excellent healthy fat source that tastes delicious! Vitamin E is also found in avocados that can help with hair growth.

Vitamin E is a similar antioxidant to vitamin C that can regulate free radicals and defeat oxidative stress. Vitamin E is also credited to protecting skin areas like the scalp from damage. Damaged skin of the scalp can lead to hair loss because of fewer hair follicles. Avocados are also a great source of essential fatty acids that the body cannot produce. These acids, however, are a building block of our cells. Therefore, the deficiency of these fatty acids has been linked with hair loss problems.


Nuts have various hair benefiting nutrients, and additionally, they are tasty and convenient to eat. You will be surprised to know that an ounce of almonds contains 37% of your daily vitamin E needs. In addition to that, nuts contain vitamin B and its varieties, zinc and essential fatty acids. As mentioned, a deficiency in any of these can lead to hair loss.


Seeds deliver a massive amount of nutrients with comparatively lesser calories. Many of those nutrients are beneficial for healthy hair like vitamin E, zinc and selenium. Your daily 50% of vitamin E needs with an additional array of vitamin B variants that promote hair growth can be found in an ounce of sunflower seeds.

Seeds like flax seeds and chia seeds also have omega-three fatty acids that have been linked with healthy hair.

Sweet Peppers

Vitamin C aids healthy hair growth, and sweet peppers are a good source of it. One yellow pepper has 5.5 times vitamin C as found in an orange. Vitamin C is used for producing collagen that strengthens your hair. In addition, it’s a powerful antioxidant that combats oxidative stress. Sweet peppers also contain vitamin A.


Oysters are a source of zinc. Zinc promotes hair growth and repairing cycles. Lack of zinc can cause effluvium, which is a reversible hair loss. However, too much zinc and you are aiding hair loss. Thus, food sources of zinc like oysters are better than supplements.

The above list makes the relation between diet and hair loss evident. You can even consult an expert like Dr. Sunil Arora at ALCS India to know more about foods to eat to prevent hair loss.

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