What Are The Different Hair Loss Causes, And How Can They Be Treated?

A hair loss can happen for several reasons, which can even give rise to some balding conditions. Whatever may be the reason, for some people, it can be resolved with some targeted therapy, while a little patience can solve other minor hair issues. However, the most severe hair loss issues can be treated by choosing to undergo a hair transplant procedure. In this article, however, we will list the most common causes of hair loss issues and ways that these conditions can be treated.

Common hair fall causes 

  1. Improper or excessive use of hair care products– One of the most highlighting causes for hair loss includes using inappropriate hair care products regularly. In conditions like this, the hair will not start falling out immediately, but you can find the result while washing your hair. Additionally, regularly blow-drying hair can also significantly damage your hair. In the long run, there are chances that the hair can become less resilient and may even fail prematurely. However, even if the hair grows back naturally, and if you avoid bad hair care habits, then you might not need to undergo any specific hair therapy. It would help if you chose your shampoo very thoughtfully, especially something that contains natural ingredients. Such products can protect the hair from damage and will also support its growth.
  2. Eating disorders as a hair loss cause- Some eating disorders can also give rise to hair problems and even hair loss conditions. The lack of nutrients can immensely damage your hair and hair roots, although, in the beginning, the hair is no longer resilient. But if the eating disorder continues, it gradually gives rise to extreme hair loss, and in the worst-case scenario, the hair roots may also start dying. This leaves the affected area of the scalp permanently bald and nothing, but hair transplant technology can help to restore the lost hair.
  3. Chemotherapy- Many cancer patients need to endure chemotherapy, which is one of the common causes of hair loss. Since chemotherapy involves using rays directly on the patient’s body, so the hair follicles die very quickly. The doctors usually recommend using wigs or distinctive headscarves until the hair follicles grow back. However, hair growth may also lead to uneven growth of hair due to the death of the hair roots, and patients may choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure under such a situation.
  4. Autoimmune diseases- When looking at some hair loss causes, note that if your hair is falling out rapidly or suddenly? If yes, then it can also be the early sign of some autoimmune diseases. The body’s immune system is sometimes incorrectly polarized and attacks its cells, resulting in circular hair loss. However, the worst part of this disease is when it gives rise to complete hair loss. It is essential to consult with an expert hair surgeon who can extensively examine and treat the area accordingly. People suffering from autoimmune disease tend to undergo an FUE hair transplant procedure because this disease damages the hair roots so bad that they never even grow back.
  5. Stress- Stress is one of the most significant causes of hair loss as that hugely impacts the body’s hormone balance, and that can influence the overall hair growth enormously. In addition to this, stress can profoundly damage the hair roots that may even lead to some baldness issues. Therefore undergoing hair transplant surgery is the only way to resolve the condition.
  6. Genetic hair loss- Your hair loss may also lead to some hair loss issues where the hair roots start dying and leave behind bald patches on your scalp. In such cases, only a hair transplant surgery can help to restore hair at the bald spots.

The verdict

Now that we know all the probable causes of hair loss and ways to get rid of it, you must start taking good care of your hair. And people who have been suffering from genetic hair loss might ultimately have to choose to undergo hair transplant surgery. But wait, were you just wondering to find out the best hair clinic near Jaipur? In that case, you can also cherry-pick the ALCS clinic which is one of the best clinics in Jaipur. The clinic also has some of the specialist hair surgeons like Dr. Sunil Arora, who can provide you the best treatment plan. 

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