Fighting Hair Loss With New Hair Transplant

Hair fall, hair thinning and balding has been an age-old concern for numerous people around the world which unfortunately had no permanent cure until people came to know about hair transplant.

Hair transplant is now considered as one of the most popular elective cosmetic surgical procedure that can be experienced by any eligible candidate, irrespective of their gender.

As time passed by, more and more people tend to choose this cosmetic process as it is a safe and reliable one and provides a natural appearance.

So anyone who wants to get rid of their patchy baldness and planning to experience a hair transplant procedure will first need to consult with an experienced specialist that is near to their place. 

Know more about Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the least invasive cosmetic surgical procedure that involves extracting hair follicles from a hair-bearing area of the scalp and then transplanting the collected hair follicles to the balding area.

The permanent hair-bearing area from where the hair follicles are extracted because the strands present there is resistant to the actions of androgen is known as the donor area.

While, the hair thinning or balding area, where the hair follicles are transplanted is known as the recipient area of the scalp.

However, before beginning this surgical procedure, the patients are administered with some local anaesthesia to ensure that they do not experience any significant discomfort or pain while undergoing the process. 

Usually, hair transplant is performed by using one of the two most common techniques-

Therefore anyone who has decided to undergo a hair transplant procedure must make sure that they have selected an experienced surgeon who will be able to accomplish the most desirable natural result, leaving behind no scarring.

But it is imperative to maintain a realistic expectation from this procedure as this method do not provide immediate impact, and it requires a lot of patience and care to accomplish the outcome.

Furthermore, not everyone is considered eligible for undergoing this process. It is only adults who are in an excellent health condition with no severe diseases, and a sufficient amount of donor hair follicles on their scalp can opt for this hair transplant surgery.

What are the latest trendy hair transplant techniques?

Ever since when hair transplant was first introduced in the 1950s until now, this surgical procedure has undergone several evolutions. As a result of these changes, we are now able to experience the two most popular hair transplant techniques FUE and FUT.

But the technological advancement kept rolling and gave rise to the latest and more effective hair transplant techniques that have evolved from traditional FUT and FUE Hair transplant methods. 

Stem cell FUE Hair transplant

A stem cell FUE hair transplant technique is an advanced FUE process that helps to speed up the entire extraction process leaving behind almost no scarring. So basically, this procedure is quite similar to that of a traditional hair transplant technique.

Still, the only difference is, rather than removing a large number of hair follicles, and this process involves removing a small skin section from the donor area.

Now, these extracted hair follicles are finally replicated in a laboratory and then implanted to the recipient area of the scalp. Therefore, this procedure enables the patients to regrow hair at the donor site, which eliminates the chances of significant scarring. 

Robotic Hair transplantation

The Robotic hair transplantation method is another advanced FUE hair transplant technique that does not require surgical removal of a donor site or the skill of a surgeon.

The entire procedure is conducted by a robotic system that has made the whole process much more manageable, time-saving and least invasive. 

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So if you intend to experience the most advanced hair transplant technique to achieve the most desirable appearance, then all you need is detailed information about these procedures.

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