Will My Breast Implants Be Affected By a Pregnancy?

Will My Breast Implants Be Affected By a Pregnancy?   Most women carry issues about breast implants after gestation. People are not aware of what to anticipate if they undergo pregnancy just after getting breast implants.   As plastic surgeon in Jaipur, we receive tons of tremendous problems about it. Although you might not inquire … Read more

Advantages Of PRP After Hair Transplant

Most men and women suffer from the problem of hair loss. To get rid of it, individuals prefer different hair techniques and surgical methods to acquire healthy hair. Many hair transplant techniques involve collecting hair follicles from the donor site and further planting them to the recipient side. Most of the techniques are performed in … Read more

Is FUE Suitable For Both Men And Women

Every man and woman craves healthy-looking and beautiful hair. However, many of them suffer from hair loss, which causes stress, depression and low-confidence in them. Hair loss can be an outcome of various factors such as age, genetics, diseases, health, etc. When individuals suffer from the problem of hair loss, they start looking for treatment … Read more

FUE Method How Is It Different From Other Techniques

Hair fall is a common problem among men and women that becomes a cause of stress, anxiety, depression, and low-confidence. That is why people look for various hair transplant treatments to attain the desired hair growth. There are many hair transplantation techniques that provide effective and safe treatments for hair fall problems.   It becomes … Read more

Why Is FUE Implantation Success Over FUT

Why Is FUE Implantation Success Over FUT?   Hair transplantation has now become one of the most recognized and permanent solutions for hair loss and baldness. More and more people are now choosing to undergo a hair transplant procedure because it is the least invasive procedure and does not involve significant complications. The most common … Read more

Tips To Prevent Swelling After Hair Transplant Surgery

Top 9 Tips To Prevent Swelling After Hair Transplant Surgery Hair transplant has evolved over a while, and now the latest technique has evolved the least invasive procedure. However, no matter how minimally invasive the surgical procedure is, it will always involve some risk, swelling and pain, which is not permanent and will disappear with … Read more

The Hidden Dangers Of Cheap Hair Transplants

We live in such a society where we try to avail the most cost-efficient services or flashing deals that claim to save a lot of money. However, people choose such an option that might be within budget, compromising the product or service quality. The same thing happens when it comes to undergoing a hair transplant … Read more

Can a Hair Transplant Really Look Natural?

Can a hair transplant look natural? The essential aspect of a hair transplant that is intriguing to most people out there is the results after getting one – can it make the hair look natural? The answer is quite apparent. Yes, the transplant technique used ensures natural looks.   A hair transplant that provides you … Read more

7 Things You May Not Know About Rhinoplasty

We have always characterised the nose based on the appearance rather than its functionality.  Born with it so got to carry on with it our whole lives! But in today’s age with the growth of technology and medical procedures if we have the option of alteration to bolster our confidence or simply have a beautiful … Read more