Can you have multiple cosmetic surgeries at once?

Multiple cosmetic surgeries at ALCS

As long as your body is in a healthy condition and free of any kind of diseases or disorders, especially those relating to high blood pressure, getting multiple cosmetic surgeries at once is generally safe. However, most board-certified plastic surgeons only combine a maximum of 2-3 surgeries at once for safety reasons.  Among these, liposuction … Read more

How Much Is Hair Transplant In India Cost 2023?

Hair Transplant In India Cost 2023 by ALCS

Receding hairline especially among males aged above 45 is a widespread problem in India. It happens because of certain unhealthy food habits, abnormal genes and high-stress levels.  While in earlier times, people did not give much concern to extreme hair loss, today, the increasing insecurity and the high rise of beauty standards have made hair … Read more